Beyond Boundaries: 9Ex Tattoo School’s Visionary Revolution in Learning

Beyond Boundaries: 9Ex Tattoo School’s Visionary Revolution in Learning

Beyond Boundaries

In a captivating divergence from conventional tattoo education, Shashikant Shelar, Tattoo Artist with 14years plus experience, Social media marketing expert, the Founder and CEO of 9Ex Group of companies, is orchestrating a paradigm shift that promises to redefine the industry.

Shelar’s vision places individual attention at the forefront of 9Ex Tattoo School, creating an environment where students receive bespoke guidance. Tailoring teaching methods to individual strengths, the school fosters an atmosphere conducive to the flourishing of creativity, elevating it beyond the boundaries of traditional education.

At the heart of 9Ex’s mission lies the ambition to mold not just tattoo artists but industry leaders. Shelar’s approach transcends the studio, instilling in students a mindset geared for a lifelong journey in the tattoo industry. The school’s resonating mantra, “We make Leaders of the industry,” reverberates through every facet of education at 9Ex.

Beyond the artistry, 9Ex Tattoo School aspires to instill self-confidence in its students. Acknowledging that success in this competitive field demands more than just technical proficiency, the curriculum is designed to nurture well-rounded artists poised for triumph.

Learning from 9Ex don’t merely depart with a certificate; they carry with them a portfolio adorned with their own creations. Shelar’s emphasis on practical experience propels 9Ex teachings into the real-world tattoo industry, uniquely prepared to make a resounding impact.

To Change the mold of talented artists becoming mere employees due to a lack of business acumen, Shelar aim a distinctive 10-day course on establishing a tattoo business. Covering Topics such as digital marketing, sales, and management skills, this course equips students with the essential Knowledge to stand out and thrive as Artist with entrepreneur spirit.

Shashikant Shelar’s vision for 9Ex Tattoo School emerges as a sing of innovation, composed to empower artists not only to excel in their craft but also to flourish as entrepreneurs in the fiercely competitive tattoo industry. This journalistic exploration reveals a transformative approach that marks a significant departure from the norm in tattoo education.