Bharatsure partners with Battery Smart to Provide Comprehensive Insurance Coverage for 40,000+ Drivers and Station Partners.

Bharatsure partners with Battery Smart to Provide Comprehensive Insurance Coverage for 40,000+ Drivers and Station Partners.

Mumbai,22nd April 2024 Bharatsure, a leading Insurtech company, has partnered with Battery Smart, India’s largest and fastest-growing battery swapping network for electric two and three-wheelers, to provide health and accidental insurance coverage to 40,000+ drivers and station partners within its network. Top of Form

Under the insurance program, drivers and partners can avail of emergency treatment, medical hospitalization, and day-care treatments, among other benefits, as per the eligibility criteria outlined. Drivers and partners are also covered under the accidental insurance policy to avail of accidental OPD or lumpsum benefits in case of unfortunate incidents such as accidental fatality, hospitalization, and accidental permanent total and partial disablement.

As EV adoption continues to rise in India, particularly in the two and three-wheeler segment, which makes up about 95% of the Indian EV market, there is a significant increase in the numbers of gig workers and delivery drivers on the roads today. To prioritize the safety of its drivers and station partners, Battery Smart has undertaken several initiatives along with setting up a 24×7 support helpline and in-app reporting. The company provides practical training sessions on battery handling, charging guidelines, and emergency response. It also offers free EV health checkups, including thorough inspections of vehicles to proactively address any potential safety issues, reducing the risk of breakdowns or accidents.

Speaking on the occasion, Anuj Parekh, Co-founder & CEO, Bharatsure, said, “We are happy to partner with Battery Smart to tailor-make comprehensive programs to safeguard its growing community of EV drivers and station partners across India. The insurance coverage will provide users with essential financial security, while also encouraging timely access to healthcare when needed. We are proud to be associated with Battery Smart which has taken the step to provide such security to its partners.”

“Recognizing the need for well-rounded insurance to protect delivery drivers, gig workers, and small business owners, we look forward to working closely with Bharatsure. Its robust insurance policies will be instrumental in protecting our drivers and station partners, fostering confidence in the charge to switch to electric vehicles,” added Ankur Jhavery, business, Battery Smart.

This partnership not only provides a vital safety net for gig workers and delivery drivers but also represents a significant step towards fostering confidence in the transition to electric mobility. In 2023, Battery Smart strengthened its commitment by partnering with Zomato to organize a first-of-its-kind two-wheeler ‘EV Mela’ in Delhi to raise awareness about the positive impact of electric vehicles.

With India’s gig economy employing around 10-15 million people, many state governments are increasingly prioritizing accident, health insurance, and retirement benefits for gig workers. Battery Smart’s partnership with Bharatsure marks a pivotal point in India’s electric mobility industry, setting new standards for user safety and well-being.