“BHU-DHAMMA-PADA’’-Exhibition by Hansodnya Tambe

“BHU-DHAMMA-PADA’’-Exhibition by Hansodnya Tambe

“BHU-DHAMMA-PADA’’-Exhibition by Hansodnya Tambe“Bhu-Dhamma Pada” an exhibition by Hansodnya Tambe, is being presented at the Nine Fish Art Gallery and Dot Line Space Art Foundation, Byculla, Mumbai. The exhibition runs from February 17th to March 17th, 2024, welcoming visitors between 10:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m.

Curated by Gourmoni Das, the exhibition is a unique glimpse into the artist’s studio, revealing the fascinating interplay between art and inspiration. Das, as a curator, finds particular intrigue in exploring the studios of artists and understanding how these spaces shape the creation of their works.

Bhu-Dhamma Pada – is an attempt to grasp the state of the primary embodiment of consciousness. The primordial state, where being and non-being merge, and dissolve into the final and all-encompassing void. It’s the ‘shunyata’ or the zero which in an endless act of divisions and multiplications, additions and subtractions, with other zeros remains the final ‘nothing’. And in this alone can finally lie the act of ‘darshan’, where all material and mental creation finally dissolve into the state of primordial pureness.

Hansodnya feels that the hyper-activity of humans tends to destroy this state of purity and erodes the calmness required to truly create. Yet the artist has to move in and through a medium. His difficult path is thus a movement through material towards its own negation such that the Divine may be glimpsed. The contexts of art have to be muted to reach the void.

Hansodnya’s works show a profound understanding of the materials he uses. His workings in and through them however are not to necessarily enhance the full potential of the materials as is conventionally done, but to simultaneously negate their materialness to the state of non-materiality itself, moving towards the void.

Dr. Anurag Kanoria, Director, of Nine Fish Art Gallery, said, “We are delighted to present ‘Bhu-Dhamma Pada’, Hansodnya Tambe’s art goes beyond traditional materials, moving towards a profound non-material state and converging with the infinite void. At Nine Fish Art Gallery, we remain dedicated to showcasing artists who defy norms, providing our audience with a uniquely enriching art experience.”

Join us at the Nine Fish Art Gallery and Dot Line Space Art Foundation for “Bhu-Dhamma Pada “, Don’t miss the opportunity to engage with the artist’s vision and delve into the timeless void where art and existence harmonize

Website: https://www.ninefish.in/

Address: Nine Fish Art Gallery I Dot Line Space, The New Great Eastern Mills, Salsette- 27, 25-29 Dr. Ambedkar Road, Inside Salsette 27 Compound, Near Rani Baug, Byculla East, Mumbai 400027.