blinkX: Women’s Day Campaign – #ExistingBoldly

blinkX: Women’s Day Campaign – #ExistingBoldly

Not just Women’s Day – The campaign celebrates the spirit of womanhood that’s not restricted to biology. Instead, it opts to celebrate femininity in every form it exists. It endeavours to give space to genderfluid, genderqueer, transpersons, etc., apart from women, while driving home the point that women need equality every day and not just one International Women’s Day. It’s time to #existboldy and thrive unapologetically! A woman is not merely a separate individual but she exists in each one of us.

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Conceptualized by the in-house marketing team, Shweta Papriwal, Vice President – Marketing & Communication, blinkX by JM Financial acknowledges the efforts and creativity of her team and says, “Women need to be empowered to create and thrive in an equitable environment and this cannot happen only by appreciating her on one day in a year. It is a never-ending effort of enabling and recognizing them for whatever they do. That is exactly the idea behind our new campaign, spreading the message that womanhood should be celebrated every day and the essence of womanhood – ‘existing boldly’ should be embraced in all aspects of life.”