Bluevine Invests in Financial and Mental Well-Being to Help Improve Personal and Professional Lives for Employees

Bluevine Invests in Financial and Mental Well-Being to Help Improve Personal and Professional Lives for Employees

30th April 2024 : With a vision to create balance and growth in the lives of its employees and long-term investment in its human capital, Bluevine India has announced expanded employee benefits through enhanced plans with Modern Health and NorthStar, a leading mental health platform and an all-in-one financial advisor, respectively.

These new tie-ups have been introduced under Bluevine’s new Employee Value Proposition (EVP) program, comprised of five foundational pillars: Culture, Wellness, Growth, Rewards, and Values. This approach defines the essence of employment at Bluevine, highlighting the company’s commitment to holistic employee well-being.

Talking about how these new programs have been benefiting the employees, Mr. Ritesh Kumar, Manager, Customer Success, Bluevine India said, “Partnering with Modern Health and NorthStar has truly transformed how my team and I approach well-being. Having the benefit of accessibility to mental health resources and financial guidance at the workplace allows me to focus on my performance while not ignoring other crucial aspects of my life. This holistic support system empowers me to thrive both personally and professionally.”

Modern Health is a leading mental health platform that provides employees at Bluevine with a comprehensive suite of mental health solutions allowing them to come to work with a positive mental attitude. The facilities that Bluevine employees can access through these resources include virtual therapy sessions, coaching, self-guided resources, and community support groups. Every January, the annual package renews, offering 12 sessions per calendar year to all employees and their dependents, regardless of their joining date, ensuring that the employees always have access to sufficient support at all times.

Through Bluevine’s partnership with NorthStar, an all-in-one financial advisor and personal finance tools platform, the Company aims to increase employee satisfaction by ensuring that their compensation packages are working to help employees achieve larger life goals. The employees benefit from personalized financial guidance, budgeting assistance, and decision-making tools that help them make informed financial decisions and optimize their compensation and benefits packages.

Speaking about Bluevine’s dedication towards its employees’ well-being, Ms Payal Singh, Head Of People, Bluevine India, said, “At Bluevine, we prioritize the overall well-being of our employees. We chose to work with Modern Health and NorthStar to provide comprehensive support beyond traditional benefits that create long-term impact. By offering mental health solutions and personalized financial guidance, we aim to better the quality of life of our employees. We firmly believe in creating a harmonious workplace where both positivity and productivity are given outcomes.”

Complementing these partnerships are crucial initiatives such as Bluevine Voices – employee-led groups promoting inclusivity. Notable groups include Women’s Voices, Pride Voices, and Abled Voices, each addressing unique aspects of diversity and fostering a sense of belonging.

Recently celebrating 10 years in business that included passing milestones for 500,000 customers served and over $14 billion in loans delivered, and currently trusted with more than $1 billion in managed customer deposits, Bluevine continues to be a pioneer and U.S. market leader with its small business digital banking platform. All these initiatives underscore Bluevine’s commitment to creating a workplace that sees each employee as a whole person – prioritizing mental health, financial well-being, and inclusivity, and fostering an environment where all employees feel seen and valued.