Boosting Austin’s European Presence

Boosting Austin’s European Presence

Austin, TX, November 02, 2023, Linnify is bringing valuable expertise from Europe’s bustling innovation scene. They specialize in early-stage validation, helping ventures turn bright ideas into market-ready products. From checking if a product idea will fly, to building the software, to helping companies innovate, Austin startups and corporations have partners in innovation.

Linnify’s unique solution validation approach has been developed from the ground up by the European company, and it’s already catching attention. Over 100 of local ventures participated in the first series of events organized by AVA and Linnify during this year. And this is just the start. It’s a method that doesn’t pursue growth for growth’s sake but seeks to build a resilient foundation from the start, leading to success that’s not just immediate but sustainable and valuable over time.

“Linnify is excited to become a strategic business member with AVA. We know even exceptional products can fail without clear market demand, a challenge that derails 8 in 10 startups. Linnify helps bold innovators build successful and scalable products by adopting a validation-driven mindset,” says Catalin Briciu, CEO of Linnify.

AVA Business Members bring real value including AVA Members from Legal, Banking, Accounting, Consulting and more, each Member plays a significant role in creating a thriving environment for ventures in Austin. The collaboration between AVA, Linnify, and other AVA partners is contributing to Austin’s recognition as a prime spot for ventures and investors.

“We created our Business Member Services Program to provide value for our Membership Community,” states David Valentino, Managing Director at AVA. “It’s a transformative move. We equip early Austin’s startups with crucial relationships, education and knowledge leveraging our strategic Business Members. Linnify clarifies the business venture, they also sharpen the data-driven story that our VC investors need to make strong funding decisions.”