BOOTES, India’s first Net-Zero Company Awards PR Mandate to PRable Global

BOOTES, India’s first Net-Zero Company Awards PR Mandate to PRable Global

26th April 2024, New Delhi: PRable Global, one of India’s new-age PR agencies, has been awarded strategic communications and PR mandate from BOOTES, India’s first net zero company working towards Mr. Modi’s ambitious vision of achieving net zero by 2070.

The partnership is founded on a shared vision for technological innovation and sustainability. In this new collaboration, PRable

Global will implement comprehensive strategies to enhance BOOTES positioning as a forefront leader in the NetZero construction-tech industry.

India’s first Net-Zero company, BOOTES, is synonymous with innovation in India’s construction landscape, spearheading a paradigm shift towards sustainable Net-Zero infrastructure. The company is committed to revolutionizing the industry, one eco-friendly project at a time. In their quest for a greener, healthier Bharat, BOOTES is not just building structures but rather crafting a sustainable legacy. The company’s vision transcends traditional construction norms. As architects of change, they envision a future powered by 100% on-site energy generation, thereby reducing carbon footprints and operational costs. Their projects, like the Net-Zero Jhansi Library, Shrimad Bhagwat Geeta Museum, Haryana, Pradhan Mantri Sangralahaya, Delhi, 354 Hudson Street, New York, World Expo India Pavilion, Dubai, etc., spanning the length and breadth of India, echo their unwavering commitment to PM Modi’s vision of a Net-Zero nation by 2070.

Speaking on the collaboration, Deepak Rai, Managing Director BOOTES said, “We are delighted to have PRable Global as our strategic communications partner because of their strong capabilities across verticals. I am confident that our partnership will lead to increased awareness and appreciation of our brand presence.”.

Commenting on the mandate, Aman Singh Madaan, Founder at PRable Global, said, “BOOTES is a revolutionary company that is helping achieve India’s net-zero goals. We are excited to partner with them for PR. We believe that with our impactful tools and approach to media relations, we can showcase BOOTES’s ethos that is rooted in Aatmanirbhar Bharat.”

PRable Global will take on a pivotal role in positioning BOOTES’ as a market leader. With a history of successful collaborations with renowned brands like MG Motor, SEPC by the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Big Boy Toyz, Intellect Design, Landmark, Muffin, Netmeds, Adrenaline e-Systems, Lectrix EV, Ankur Suman, and more, PRable Global brings a wealth of experience to further amplify BOOTES market presence.