Bridgestone India Unveils Trailblazing with Dueler A/T Campaign in conjunction with the launch of its all-terrain tyre

Bridgestone India Unveils Trailblazing with Dueler A/T Campaign in conjunction with the launch of its all-terrain tyre

Bridgestone India Unveils

Bengaluru (May 6th, 2024) — Bridgestone India today announced the launch of its new marketing campaign, “Trailblazing with Dueler A/T,” for the latest addition to its tyre lineup, the Bridgestone Dueler Tyre. This robust campaign is engineered to showcase the Dueler Tyre’s exceptional ability to perform in any terrain, emphasizing its aggressive tread pattern, enhanced traction, and excellent grip in both wet and dry conditions without compromising safety and driving comfort.

The 360-degree campaign is designed to target SUV and 4×4 owners, who demand durability and performance. Engineered with a 5 Rib technology featuring hexagonal blocks and a staggered pattern architecture, this tyre ensures even stiffness and contact pressure distribution, resulting in superior wear life.

This new generation, premium quality tyre is specially designed to enhance off-road capabilities. In addition, its low noise and superior ride comfort attributes make it an ideal choice for adventurous drivers who encounter diverse driving conditions from urban landscapes to rugged off-road terrains.

The 140-second ad films will be shown on digital platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram. The campaign vividly showcases the tyre’s trailblazing capabilities through intense, real-world scenarios and highlights the Dueler’s aggressive pattern design and advanced traction features.

“Our new Dueler Tyre is a testament to Bridgestone’s commitment to quality and innovation. The ‘Trailblazing with Dueler A/T’ campaign is designed to communicate the resilience and adaptability of our latest product. We’re excited to demonstrate how Dueler can enhance the driving experience for SUV owners across various terrains. The campaign highlights Bridgestone Dueler’s readiness to tackle challenges, whether navigating the busy streets of the city or traversing challenging off-road trails, making it the best choice for drivers seeking reliability and performance’’ said Deepak Gulati, Chief Marketing & Innovation Officer, Bridgestone India.

“It is interesting that the Dueler drives are being done across a wide cross-section of terrains. I can relate to that as no matter what, one must give their best. I’m sure the convoy will have a great time driving with Dueler A/T 002, across the scenic and diverse landscapes of our country. I’m proud to be associated with Bridgestone, a brand that consistently delivers on Quality and Performance.” – said Bridgestone India Brand Ambassador P.V. Sindhu.

Dealers are a key influencer in consumer’s tyre purchase journey and hence Bridgestone Channel Partners have been actively engaged in the communication developed as well as with a series of activations in a high-impact focused campaign.

The brand will also be “Trailblazing with Dueler A/T”, a roadshow covering 6 states to engage ‘Bridgestone Select Dealers’ & consumers at the same time while demonstrating product performance. The flag-off will be done by Bridgestone brand ambassador and ace athlete Padma Shree P.V. Sindhu.