Brillio Marks Decade of Growth, Expands AI Program for Enterprise Impact

Brillio Marks Decade of Growth, Expands AI Program for Enterprise Impact

Bangalore, India ─12th April 2024 ─ Brillio, one of the fastest growing digital technology service providers, today announced the launch of a Cloud and AI Studio to enable customers across industry sectors to drive the enterprise-wide impact of artificial intelligence (AI). This program commemorates Brillio’s tenth anniversary and marks a pivotal moment in the company’s commitment to client-centric solutions.

Equipped with state-of-the-art cloud, AI, and product engineering capabilities, Brillio’s Cloud and AI Studio (CAS) will help enterprises go beyond merely incorporating AI tools and technologies into existing systems, instead adopting a human-centric approach rooted in user needs and experiences.

Each industry vertical within Brillio will have a dedicated Chief Technology Officer (CTO) as part of the company’s vision to deliver industry-specific business expertise and technology solutions that foster greater collaboration, innovation, and strategic alignment across entire enterprises.

By the end of this year, Brillio will AI-enable its entire global workforce and augment its portfolio of industry solutions with 20 new solutions that will address a broad range of customer requirements, including automation of business processes, infusion of AI across digital initiatives, creation of new business models, hyper-personalization, and generation of new product ideas based on deeper analysis of market insights.

Brillio will help customers take AI beyond its traditional role in data analytics. By deploying AI to modernize every aspect of enterprise IT, including legacy systems, Brillio will help customers optimize workflows, costs, operational efficiency, and innovation.

Brillio was founded on April 11, 2014, as a digitally native technology services and advisory firm to empower enterprises to utilize “four superpowers of technology” to turn disruptions into competitive advantages. AI was one of these technologies and continues to be a major area of focus for the company.

“We are proud of our visionary and forward-thinking approach to customer success,” said Raj Mamodia, Founder and CEO of Brillio. “We had envisioned AI as one of the four catalysts of competitive advantage as early as 2014 when few were talking about it. From the outset, we acquired and invested in firms and talent that reinforced our AI capabilities. In our tenth year, we again find ourselves in an opportunity-rich environment just like it was when we began, driven by digitalization back then and by enterprise-wide AI now. At the heart of our industry-leading growth and net promoter scores is our tireless mission to grow by being relevant to our customers. That positions us uniquely to anticipate and quickly adapt to customer needs in the age of AI.”