Canon India Redefines Broadcast Excellence with Flagship 4K Remote PTZ Camera Controller & 4K Indoor Remote PTZ Camera CR-N100

Canon India Redefines Broadcast Excellence with Flagship 4K Remote PTZ Camera Controller & 4K Indoor Remote PTZ Camera CR-N100

 17th April 2024: Canon India, a leading company in digital imaging solutions, further solidifies its market leadership in India’s video production and broadcasting sector by introducing two advanced products, RC-IP1000 and CR-N100 in India. The RC-IP1000 is a top-of-the-line remote camera system controller for remote video production workflows to meet the needs of broadcast stations and event live streaming. The CR-N100 is an indoor remote PTZ camera featuring a compact body and pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) catering to India’s rising need for advanced streaming and video recording technology in spaces like meeting rooms and classrooms.

Commenting on the newest additions to the brand’s portfolio, Mr. Manabu Yamazaki, President and CEO, Canon India, said, “As the volume of video content continues to rise in India, the RC-IP1000 remote controller has been much awaited by the industry as it exemplifies seamless control of remote PTZ cameras and contributes to efficient labor-saving workflows. In fact, the remote controller can easily manage as many as 200 individual camera units at one time. Complementing this, our CR-N100 indoor remote PTZ camera promises superior quality and connectivity, tailored to the diverse needs of educational institutions, corporate settings, and coaching centers. Through such cutting-edge offerings, we strive to redefine remote production, making it more intuitive and accessible than ever before.”

RC-IP1000 Remote Camera Controller: Enhance Ease-of-use for Remote Production Workflows

The RC-IP1000 is a dedicated controller that provides many functions and easy operation required by remote video production workflows, which will meet the needs of content producers at various work environments including video production at broadcast stations and event livestreaming. The Multi-Camera Management Application enables users to batch-configure initial camera settings as well as manage cameras, making it ideal for events that require multi-camera controllers, such as live streaming of university lectures and live broadcasting of concerts.

Designed for ease of use, the RC-IP1000 features strategically positioned functional buttons and dials, along with a prominent 17.78 cm touch panel, facilitating simple operation. The device supports both IP2 and serial control, enabling remote Pan, Tilt, and Zoom (PTZ) movements. Users can effortlessly configure settings such as focus, exposure, and white balance. Moreover, the RC-IP1000 is compatible with popular broadcast industry standards, offering 12G-SDI input/output for 4K/60P, as well as visual input via IP and HDMI video output. Its touch panel can display feeds from up to nine video inputs sent from cameras via IP, allowing for simultaneous operation of multiple camera units. Additionally, it seamlessly integrates with selected Canon camera models, enabling control of large-scale systems.

With the Multi-Camera Management Application, up to 200 individual camera units can be managed, depending on users’ needs. Conventionally, the registration of usernames, passwords, and IP addresses to a camera, and registration of a camera to the controller had to be executed individually for each of the multiple cameras used. With this app, however, these procedures can be executed from a single application system, thus enabling the initial configuration of large-scale systems with minimal workload. In addition, the status of all connected cameras can be viewed in a convenient list that enables easier execution of operations such as updating firmware, restarting and initialization.

CR-N100 Indoor 4K Remote Camera: Versatile Partner for Visual Production, Online Meetings and Livestreaming of Lectures

The CR-N100 is an indoor remote camera with a compact body and pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) capabilities, making it easily installable in spaces like meeting rooms and classrooms. As online meetings, lectures, coaching centers, events, and seminars become increasingly common, there is a growing need for live streaming and video recording technology. With the addition of the CR-N100 to Canon’s lineup of remote cameras, customers now have a greater choice of products that support a wide range of uses, from professional video production to video content usage by enterprises, local governments, and educational institutions.

The CR-N100 features key devices that leverage Canon’s history of professional camera technology development, including a 1/2.3 type CMOS sensor and a DIGIC DV6 image processing platform that enables 4K/30P high-quality video capture. Additionally, the camera is equipped with a 20x optical zoom lens with a focal length ranging from 29.3 mm to 601 mm, supporting image capture from wide-angle to telephoto for various scenarios. The camera also includes four “scene modes” — Portrait, Sports, Low-light, and Spotlight — from which users can choose to create the best possible visual expression based on their subject.

Users can construct a complete, versatile production environment thanks to the CR-N100’s support for XC Protocol, Canon’s proprietary extended IP designed to control Canon’s video production devices, RTMP for live streaming, NDI®|HX for live visual production, and the SRT Protocol, which is widely used for its high image quality, low latency, and secure video transmission.

The video interface of the CR-N100 supports IP, HDMI, and the USB Video Class (UVC) transmission standard. This allows the CR-N100 to be used as a camera for web conference systems simply by connecting it to a PC via USB. The camera also supports Canon’s free-of-charge Multi-camera Management Application, enabling batch setting configuration and control of up to 200 cameras, facilitating the efficient operation of large-scale systems in environments such as enterprises, local governments, and educational institutions.