CarDekho’s CEO, Mr. Amit Jain, Shines a Spotlight on Local Artisans This Diwali

CarDekho’s CEO, Mr. Amit Jain, Shines a Spotlight on Local Artisans This Diwali

New Delhi, 14th November 2023– As the festive season comes alive Mr. Amit Jain, the CEO and Co-founder of CarDekho celebrated Diwali in a meaningful way this year. Known for his leadership Amit Jain deviated from the world to immerse himself in the diverse array of local art and culture.

Traditionally Diwali shopping had been a ritual, for Amit’s mother. However, this year brought about a change from the routine. Together Amit and his mother ventured into the streets of Jaipur to explore the realm of handcrafted creations and pay homage to the workmanship of local artisans.

Their journey took them through bustling markets where they interacted with artisans admired their craftsmanship and extended support towards their endeavours. From designed Diya’s to paper rangolis this shopping expedition exemplified the vivacious spirit inherent in local artistic expressions.

Amit Jains’ reputation extends beyond his leadership in business; he is also recognized for his dedication towards responsibility. He expressed joy in being able to uplift and empower Jaipur’s artisans. Moreover, he emphasized the significance of acknowledging and safeguarding our heritage embedded within these crafts that are deeply rooted in our communities.

Reflecting on Diwali’s essence and as a symbol of light, happiness and unity, Amit Jain enhanced the celebrations by showing his support for the passion and talent of Jaipur’s artisans.