Celebrate the Ramadan feast with Mother’s Recipe range of products

Celebrate the Ramadan feast with Mother’s Recipe range of products

Celebrate the Ramadan feast

Hyderabad, April 01 2023: The holy month of Ramadan is here. Food is an important aspect of celebrating Ramadan where families, friends everyone come together to rejoice in the spirit of this holy festival. While it is the time for prayers and devotion, you can also look forward to easily plan the menu for your Iftar and Suhoor to make it delicious and nutritious. Want to enjoy a homemade Iftar this Ramadan, but don’t have the energy to cook? You needn’t toil through the entire day to make the lip-smacking delicacies but prepare them easily in the comfort of your home with as much love. In the spirit of making home cooking more convenient, Mother’s Recipe has put together an assortment of dishes that are popular during Ramadan.

Mother’s Recipe as a brand always strives to bring in the traditional taste of age-old recipes in the most convenient form through its range of products, especially crafted keeping in mind the food preference of different regions and making cooking a less cumbersome process. Ginger garlic paste is one of the most loved and famous ingredients for any Indian cuisine. To save on your cooking time Mother’s Recipe has Ginger Garlic paste a crucial ingredient for Biryani and an essential part of the marinade, with no added preservatives and thick consistency. For the perfect mixture of all things flaky and crispy, sweet, tangy, and spicy for the Iftar, Mother’s Recipe offers an array of chutneys ranging from Tamarind Date Chutney, Bhelpuri Chutney, and Dhaniya Pudina Chutney to concoct a mouth-watering snack.

The brand has an exquisite range of authentic and traditional Ready-To-Cook Spice Mixes & Instant Mixes with no added preservatives, no artificial colors, no added MSG. The exhaustive range includes snacks/ starters, main courses, and sweets ranging from products such as Butter Chicken to Chicken Moghalai, Chicken Chettinad, Chicken Biryani, Chicken Nawabi, Mutton Curry, Malabar Fish, and Chicken curry Instant Seviya Kheer that takes you on a unique culinary voyage and ensuring the perfect consistent taste.

A quintessential part of the festival Seviyan Kheer is the perfect sweet dish. Mother’s Recipe Seviyan Kheer is very easy to prepare need to boil 1 litre of milk and add the entire contents of the pack. Mix and cook on a medium flame for 15 minutes and it is ready. Mother’s Recipe also offers Rose Sharbat which is made with rose syrup and water. Rose Sharbat has a special place in Iftar meals. After a whole day without food and water, the sharbat serves as a perfect drink to quench one’s thirst, giving an instant hydration boost and cooling effect.