Celebrate Valentine’s with a Special Offer at Platform 65

Celebrate Valentine’s with a Special Offer at Platform 65

Celebrate Valentine’s with a Special Offer at Platform 65Hyderabad, 14 February 2024:  Platform 65 is thrilled to announce Red Theme Event for this Valentine’s Day. Starting from February 13th to February 15th experience the love and passion blend with delectable cuisine in an ambience adorned with the colour of romance. Platform 65 invites couples to indulge in an evening filled with love, laughter, and special discounts.

Embracing this Red vibe, Platform 65 restaurant is offering a delightful discount of 20% off for couples who will arrive dressed in red attire. This exclusive offer is available at all branches of Platform 65 providing, a great opportunity for couples to enjoy a memorable dining experience with their loved ones. Platform 65 is known for its commitment to creating memorable experiences, and this Valentine’s Day will be no exception. The Red Theme Event promises to immerse guests in a world of passion and romance, with vibrant decorations, food and a captivating atmosphere. The Red Theme Event would be successfully implemented under the direct leadership of Srikanth Bandaru, Corporate General Manager at Platform 65.

Excited about this event Mr. Sadgun Patha, Managing Director and Founder of Platform 65 said, “Love knows no bounds, and neither does our commitment to providing an exceptional dining experience at Platform 65 Restaurant. Our Red Theme Event for this Valentine’s Day Celebration is dedicated to creating unforgettable moments for our guests. Dress in your finest red attire and join us on the journey of flavours and romance that will leave you with cherished memories.”

Venkatesh Gopisetty, Vice President of Platform 65 said, “We are delighted to host our Red-Theme event for this Valentine’s Day and spread the joy of love and togetherness. Our exclusive offer for couples dressed in red shades is a token of our appreciation for their choice to spend this special day with us. Join us for three days of love, laughter, and delectable cuisine!”

Platform 65 Restaurant is India’s largest toy train-themed restaurant, offering a unique dining experience with a delightful toy train running through the restaurant. With 11 branches in Telangana, Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka, Platform 65 is committed to creating memorable moments for its patrons, combining good food with a playful atmosphere.