Cochlear’s Emotional Mother’s Day Film Spotlights the Melodic Bond Between Mother and Child

Cochlear’s Emotional Mother’s Day Film Spotlights the Melodic Bond Between Mother and Child

Mumbai, 16th May 2024: In the gentle quiet of life’s first moments, a mother’s soothing hum forms an indelible link with her newborn, conveying love and security without words. Cochlear, a pioneer in hearing solutions, releases an evocative film this Mother’s Day that captures the essence of this fundamental connection, offering a poignant tribute to mothers everywhere.

Titled #HearforGood, the ad film delves into the emotional journey of motherhood, illustrating how a simple hum can be a powerful expression of love and an essential part of the early bonding experience. By focusing on these tender interactions, Cochlear not only celebrates the profound impact of maternal love but also emphasizes the crucial need for newborn hearing screenings.

The film crucially highlights the necessity for every infant to access the full spectrum of sound right from the start. It sensitively addresses the risks associated with undetected hearing issues in newborns, which can potentially deprive them of these fundamental early expressions of love, impacting their long-term emotional and communicative development.

Through this film, the brand aims to raise awareness for the importance of newborn hearing screenings. It uses a sentimental approach, focusing on the beautiful connection between a mother and her child through the sound of a hum. However, a subtle layer of concern is woven in, hinting that this precious bonding could be missed if a hearing problem goes unnoticed in a newborn. This emotional appeal encourages viewers to understand the significance of newborn hearing tests.

Elaborating on the film, Jainik Alvani, Associate Vice President – Integrated Solutions, Schbang said, “This film, through its sensitive narrative, not only honours the resilience and gentleness inherent in motherhood but also elevates awareness about the crucial need for newborn hearing screenings. As a critical health measure, these screenings ensure that infants can fully experience the early sounds of connection. Our aim while collaborating with Cochlear has been to empower parents to take proactive steps in safeguarding their children’s auditory health, thereby ensuring that no cherished sound or word goes unheard in these vital early stages of life.”

Afshaad Kelawaala, Executive Vice President – Brand Solutions, Schbang expressed his views, “With Cochlear’s #HearforGood ad film, we aim to encapsulate the emotive power of a mother’s hum and its vital role in nurturing the early bond between mother and child. This Mother’s Day, our film not only celebrates these intimate moments of maternal connection but also stresses the imperative of newborn hearing screenings. By drawing attention to this essential health measure, we hope to ensure that every child has the opportunity to experience these fundamental expressions of love without hindrance, supporting a sound future for the next generation.”

Cochlear remains at the forefront of hearing health advocacy, employing innovative storytelling that deeply engages its audience and fosters a more sound-aware future.



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