Coding Ninjas’ Unconventional Approach Upskills 1L Students, Yields 2.2x Salary Increase for Graduates

Coding Ninjas’ Unconventional Approach Upskills 1L Students, Yields 2.2x Salary Increase for Graduates

Coding Ninjas' Unconventional Approach

7th September 2023, New Delhi: Coding Ninjas, India’s premier online upskilling platform, has empowered the aspirations of over 100,000 students who have embraced its courses. Data shows that professionals who have successfully completed Coding Ninjas’ courses have been able to more than double their salaries and land jobs at some of the top companies globally.

On average, students have reported an impressive 127% surge in their CTCs – equivalent to a remarkable 2.2X increase – with compensation going as high as ₹50 lakhs per annum. This notable surge in earnings for its students underscores the platform’s efficacy in fostering practical skills that directly translate into enhanced job prospects and salary growth.

Coding Ninjas has been able to accomplish this herculean task for their 100,000 students, despite the volatile market conditions and uncertainty in the tech industry, because of the strong network of hiring partners that Coding Ninjas has been able to carefully cultivate and curate over time. It currently maintains partnerships with more than 1,000 leading companies that actively seek to recruit Coding Ninjas graduates because they come equipped with the right set of forward-looking skills.

Moreover, Coding Ninjas’ influence extends beyond conventional employment avenues, with 85 out of the 102 unicorns in India – including industry leaders like Paytm, Swiggy, Groww and OfBusiness – benefiting from the talent of Coding Ninjas alumni.

“While most edtech companies focus on preparation for exams or consider it a trophy event, we focus on real upskilling that can unlock all kinds of opportunities for everyone in the real world,” said Ankush Singla, Co-founder, and CEO of Coding Ninjas.

With a dedicated mission to bridge the gap between academic learning and practical application in the real world, Coding Ninjas stands committed to making coding universally accessible. This commitment is exemplified through a distinct approach that prioritises the needs of its students. Unlike other education platforms in the country, Coding Ninjas have internal metrics to ensure that students have access to the best in class education relevant for industry application.