Community-driven Greenlighting of Film and TV Projects on Draws immense Creator and Fan support

Community-driven Greenlighting of Film and TV Projects on Draws immense Creator and Fan support

BRITISH VIRGIN ISLANDS16th December 2023—, the world’s most powerful decentralized filmmaking ecosystem, today announced it is granting early access to the influx of creators, fans and influencers joining the platform’s waitlist. The vast fan support and engagement of trending film and TV projects on the platform like ‘Chickenship’ created by Emmy Award-winning comedian Craig Shoemaker and world-renowned animator David Feiss, and ‘Saurus City’ written and directed by Nate Smith starring Dennis Quaid, Ron Perlman, Emma Roberts, Julia Ormond and Tim Meadows, has drawn more fans wanting to collaborate and gain the opportunity to not only peek behind but meaningfully participate in an otherwise closed-off industry. Fans and creators who have signed up to the waitlist before launching to the public will be granted exclusive early access to the platform beginning December 7th.

The platform introduces new opportunities for film investors and producers to scout diverse projects that have an engaged fanbase and commercial viability using’s proprietary Go Score™. This next wave of users gaining access to the platform can participate in contests, receive rewards and earn FAN Tokens to greenlight the projects and filmmakers they support. recently wrapped its most recent Creator Contest, awarding $10,000 in film funds to a democratically, fan-selected project. In addition to opportunities for creators to earn film funds, fans and creators joining the platform before the main launch will receive exclusive FAN Token rewards representing a unit of governance power in this new Hollywood.

“The filmmaking industry is changing rapidly and is already helping to catalyze a more equitable Hollywood during its Early Access phase. There’s still a lot of work to be done, but’s decentralized filmmaking technology is at the forefront of pioneering a new Hollywood where creators, fans, and film investors can more closely collaborate to shape the industry in a meaningful way,” said Ian LeWinter, Co-Creator of and the President at Ingredient X. “We’re excited to see the ecosystem onboarding more fans, creators, and film and TV projects onto the platform to grow the community and shine a light on new, unique, and diverse projects fans actually want to see.”

Fans can explore Creator projects and receive exclusive updates on their favorite films and TV shows such as behind-the-scenes photos, teasers, trailers, artwork reveals and more, and are encouraged to stake FAN Tokens, helping their favorite project move through the ranks. Staked FAN Tokens act as a vote, awarding reputation to the fan while allowing a project to move through the ecosystem, increasing the project’s Go Score™.

The Go Score™—a project’s success fingerprint represents aggregate totals from fan collaboration with token stakes, project reviews, project shares and a host of other in-platform gamified engagements engineered to better predict a project’s success. As a project’s Go Score increases, it moves the project through’s ecosystem, bringing it closer to unlocking opportunities like production, funding, distribution, and other filmmaking tools, while gaining market validation and building a fanbase.

The more tokens a user stakes, the more tokens—and governance power—they will earn on the platform. Creators joining the platform will use FAN Tokens to join and participate in the DAO, allowing them to submit their film or TV projects as “proposals”, while asking fans to show their support for their projects by staking their tokens.

Interested in joining the next wave of Filmioids paving the way to a new Hollywood governed by creators and fans? Join the waitlist here to pioneer the path to a collaborative, equitable film industry and claim FAN Tokens.