ControlZ Presents Unbelievable Offer…

ControlZ Presents Unbelievable Offer…


New Delhi,7th September 2023– ControlZ, the leading premium renewed smartphone brand, is thrilled to announce an outstanding opportunity for iPhone lovers. For the first time ever, customers can purchase a premium renewed iPhone 11 at an unbeatable price of just ₹19,999 during ControlZ’s exclusive special offer. The sale price of 64GB is ₹22,222; however, with their tie-ups with various institutions, the effective price would be just ₹19,999.

This limited-time offer is set to kick off on September 9 and will run until September 10, giving customers a chance to grab this remarkable deal. The iPhone 11 by ControlZ is restored to perfection by highly experienced professionals, making it as good as new in terms of performance and cosmetics. Additionally, it is backed by an 18-month warranty for complete peace of mind, along with other essential accessories.

With ControlZ’s commitment to delivering high-quality electronic devices, this sale presents the perfect opportunity to own a top-tier smartphone without breaking the bank. Furthermore, ControlZ is providing flexible financing solutions, including EMI and Buy Now Pay Later options, ensuring that all customers can conveniently own this remarkable device.

“We are excited to offer our customers this incredible deal on the premium renewed iPhone 11,” said the Founder and CEO of ControlZ, Mr. Yug Bhatia ControlZ. “By providing top-notch technology at an affordable price, we aim to make cutting-edge smartphones accessible to a wider audience. Our customers can now experience the power and sophistication of the iPhone 11 without compromising on quality and also enjoy significant savings.”

Ever since its inception, ControlZ has carved a distinctive reputation in the renewed smartphone segment. ControlZ also provides premium and high-quality accessories along with the power adapter and lightning cable of the devices that are encompassed in an alluring box. Over the years, the company has cemented its position as the leading player in containing manufacturing waste by focusing on premium renewed devices.

ControlZ is committed to providing exceptional customer service, and this exclusive sale is another testament to their dedication.

Don’t miss out on this rare opportunity to own a premium renewed iPhone 11 at an unbeatable price. Mark your calendars and visit ControlZ’s website to take advantage of this limited-time offer.