DAEWOO Sets a New Standard with the First Commercial Alkaline Water Machine

DAEWOO Sets a New Standard with the First Commercial Alkaline Water Machine

DAEWOO Sets a New Standard with the First Commercial Alkaline Water MachineNew Delhi, 24th January, 2024: DAEWOO, a globally recognized Korean brand, proudly introduces a groundbreaking advancement in water technology—the First Commercial Alkaline Water Machine. This innovative product not only marks a significant milestone for DAEWOO but also establishes a complete alkaline water solution for commercial use.

The Commercial Alkaline Water Machine boasts advanced features, including Alkaline Water+RO+UV+UF UV Barrel, Lamp, and a user-friendly interface. Offering a choice between hot, cold, and normal water supply on demand, the machine ensures a tailored water experience. With an impressive output capacity of 50/100 Litre Per Hour and a 60 Litre storage tank, coupled with a comprehensive monitoring and record-keeping system, it stands as a technological marvel for commercial applications.

Commenting on the launch of the Commercial Alkaline Water Machine, Mr. H S Bhatia, Managing Director, Kelwon Electronics & Appliances Pvt Ltd, Manufacturing Partner, DAEWOO India, emphasized the pivotal role of employee welfare during office hours. Given the health benefits, today many consumers are switching over to drinking alkaline water with installation of Alkaline Water Health Machine at their home. However a working person spends 8-10 hrs. Away from his home, and during that period he would consume the normal or RO water. So to give a complete solution, DAEWOO has introduced Commercial Alkaline Health machines for drinking Healthy water even at work place, be it office or Factory He stated, “DAEWOO is the first company to introduce a complete alkaline water solution for corporate settings, recognizing the crucial impact on employee productivity. We believe that providing a consistent supply of high-quality alkaline water is a fundamental investment in the well-being of our workforce.”

Moreover, as the global health landscape undergoes transformative changes in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic, DAEWOO is not only addressing the demands of large commercial spaces but also recognizes the essential need for comprehensive health solutions in small workplaces. In line with this vision, DAEWOO proudly presents the HEYONG-R DAEWOO ALKALINE HEALTH WATER MACHINES, signifying a strategic move to empower small businesses with advanced Korean technology.

These innovative machines are equipped with features such as Antioxidant, Alkalinization, Micro-Clustering, UV-Radiation, and Hydrogen Rich properties, which go beyond conventional water solutions. They not only cater to the immediate need for clean and safe drinking water but also offer potential health benefits ranging from improved digestion, skin rejuvenation, prevention from disease and overall immune system support.

DAEWOO’s strategic move to launch the complete alkaline water solution in India underscores its commitment to bringing advanced Korean technology to the vibrant Indian market. The release of these cutting-edge Alkaline Water Machines sets new standards in the quest for healthier water options, marking a significant milestone for DAEWOO’s legacy in delivering high-quality products across various categories.