Decoding Samsung ‘Solve for Tomorrow’ for the next generation of Innovators

Decoding Samsung ‘Solve for Tomorrow’ for the next generation of Innovators

Samsung’s ‘Solve for Tomorrow’ serves as a platform that enables the convergence of innovative concepts that help in finding solutions for some of the most pressing global issues. This initiative transcends theory, extending an invitation to young innovators to lead and collaborate in building a sustainable future. The ‘Solve for Tomorrow’ platform recognizes the importance of harnessing innovation for yielding advancements.

  1. A World of Possibilities: Imagine a realm where every idea, big or small, holds the potential to shape a greener, more sustainable, and inclusive future empowering the communities. The two distinct tracks – School Track and Youth Track, each are dedicated to championing a specific theme and are targeted towards different age groups. Both the tracks will run simultaneously, ensuring equal opportunity and a level playing field for all students.
  2. Enter Samsung’s ‘Solve for Tomorrow’—a platform where innovation meets real-world challenges head-on.
  3. Where Innovation Meets Action: ‘Solve for Tomorrow’ isn’t just about dreaming; it’s about turning those dreams into a reality. Young minds are encouraged to convert innovative concepts into practical solutions for a better tomorrow.
  4. Empowering the Next Generation: From regulating body temperature with semiconductor devices to combating gender biases through AI, the sky is the limit for participants. This initiative empowers young innovators to lead the charge towards sustainability, and social causes like education, healthcare, diversity and inclusion.
  5. The Journey Begins: It all starts with a simple registration at Samsung Solve for Tomorrow 2024. Whether in school or college, participants bring their passion and creativity to the table to tackle pressing environmental issues.
  6. Phases of Progress: From ideation to implementation, the competition unfolds in phases designed to nurture ideas from conception to execution. Research, planning, and feasibility assessments pave the way for real-world impact.
  7. Turning Ideas into Action: As ideas solidify, participants dive into the implementation phase, leveraging technology and resources to transform concepts into tangible solutions.
  8. A National Stage: 100 teams pitch their ideas to a jury in regional rounds, with 20 semi-finalists advancing to an innovation walk at Samsung’s R&D centers and regional headquarters where they attend workshops. At a National Pitch Event at IIT Delhi, they vie for a spot among 10 finalists who undergo one-on-one training. The Grand Finale crowns the ‘Community Champion’ and ‘Environment Champion’ of Solve for Tomorrow 2024, each receiving a grant of INR 25 lakh and 50 lakh respectively, plus Samsung Galaxy products for their school and college.
  9. Continued Support: Winning isn’t the end; it’s just the beginning. With Samsung’s ongoing support, winning ideas will evolve into sustainable projects with lasting benefits for consumers.
  10. Beyond Competition: ‘Solve for Tomorrow’ isn’t just a competition; it’s a movement. It empowers individuals and communities to effect positive change through innovation and collaboration. Another key element/benefit of the program is that the intellectual property/patent of the idea remains with the team that develops the solution.
  11. Your Opportunity Awaits: If you have a passion for innovation and solving pressing environmental issues, take the next step. Your chance to contribute to environmental preservation is just a few clicks away.



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