Discover Global Opportunities at the Global Residency and Citizenship Expo 2023 and Global Real Estate Expo 2023 in New Delhi

Discover Global Opportunities at the Global Residency and Citizenship Expo 2023 and Global Real Estate Expo 2023 in New Delhi

New Delhi, India7th September 2023 Mark your calendars for September 16th, 2023, as New Delhi becomes the epicenter of global opportunities with the highly anticipated Global Residency and Citizenship Expo 2023 and Global Real Estate Expo 2023. PHD Chamber Of Commerce and Industry is all set to host the 5th Edition of GRACE and GRE 2023 at Hotel Le Meridien, this dynamic dual expo promises to provide attendees with unprecedented access to a world of possibilities in residency, citizenship, and international real estate investments.

The previous edition of the Global Residency and Citizenship in the year 2022, organized by the PHD Chamber of Commerce and Industry, proved to be a pivotal gathering for individuals seeking to explore international residency and citizenship opportunities. This prestigious event brought together a diverse array of experts, industry leaders, government officials, and potential investors from around the world. Attendees had the unique opportunity to gain valuable insights into the evolving landscape of global residency and citizenship programs, highlighting the latest trends, regulations, and investment options. The event facilitated meaningful discussions, networking, and knowledge exchange, empowering participants with the information needed to make informed decisions regarding their international mobility and investment goals. With the growing interest in global citizenship and residency, this event played a crucial role in shaping the conversation and providing a platform for collaboration and innovation in this dynamic field.

Global Residency and Citizenship Expo 2023 Highlights:

  1. Unlock Your Global Potential: Explore diverse pathways to obtaining residency or citizenship in countries renowned for their quality of life, education, healthcare, and tax advantages.
  2. Expert Guidance: Connect with immigration and legal experts who will guide you through the intricate processes of securing your dream residency or citizenship.
  3. Networking Galore: Engage with government officials, industry leaders, and professionals who can facilitate your journey to international mobility.
  4. Interactive Seminars: Gain insights from thought leaders in the field through informative sessions on the latest trends, regulations, and strategies for global citizenship.
  5. International Exhibitors: Meet representatives from various countries, immigration agencies, and advisory firms eager to showcase their offerings and services.

Global Real Estate Expo 2023 Highlights:

  1. Prime Real Estate Investments: Explore a world of investment opportunities, from luxurious residences to lucrative commercial properties across the globe.
  2. Market Intelligence: Get up-to-date market insights and investment strategies from real estate experts to maximize returns on your global real estate investments.
  3. Meet Renowned Developers: Connect with esteemed developers worldwide and explore exciting real estate projects offering attractive returns and lifestyle benefits.
  4. Financial Planning: Learn about financing options, mortgage rates, and investment structures to make informed decisions about your international real estate investments.
  5. Legal and Tax Considerations: Gain insights into the legal and tax implications of overseas real estate investments to ensure a secure and profitable venture.

Mr. Naveen Seth, Deputy Secretary General, PHD Chamber Of Commerce and Industry expressed their enthusiasm, stating, “We are thrilled to bring together industry leaders, experts, and solution providers at Hotel Le Meridien, New Delhi, for the Global Residency and Citizenship Expo 2023 and Global Real Estate Expo 2023. These expos serve as a gateway to global opportunities, providing attendees with the knowledge and connections needed to secure their financial future.”

India has emerged as a powerful player in the world of international investment, offering its citizens the golden ticket to global mobility through investment-based residency and citizenship programs. With the increasing desire for international lifestyles, education, healthcare, and business prospects, Indian investors are seizing the chance to explore new horizons through these programs.

Indian investors are increasingly seeking expert guidance to navigate the complexities of these programs. Immigration and legal experts, financial advisors, and government-accredited agencies are instrumental in ensuring a smooth journey towards international residency and citizenship.

The show will witness the participation of Sioufas & Associate (Platinum Partner), Sigma Immigration & Migrate World/Du Digital (Silver Partners), MIBS Group, Greece & HengSheng Group (Associate Partner), FirstPathway Partners, DMD Ventures, CMB Regional Center, Achieve EB5, Makaan Regional Center, Tasty EB5, Global Crossing, EB5 United, EB5 Energy and Opal Holdings (EB5 Partner), Golden Visa Greece (Delegate Kit Partner) and Supported by Invest in USA (IIUSA), Investment Migration Council (IMC), Indo American Chamber Of Commerce and Ajmera Law Group.

Don’t miss this unparalleled opportunity to explore a world of possibilities. Register now at to secure your place at the Global Residency and Citizenship Expo 2023 and Global Real Estate Expo 2023.

Given the evolving nature of international markets and the potential changes in government policies, PHDCCI advises that it’s crucial for Indian investors to stay informed about the latest developments and seek advice from financial experts when making international investment decisions. Additionally, consulting with legal and tax professionals can help navigate the complexities of international investments and ensure compliance with relevant regulations.

Disclaimer: PHD Chamber Of Commerce and Industry shall not be liable for any investment decision or action taken by you based on or relying on the information provided in or by the presenter/panellist during the exhibition/conference/webinar.