Discover the Nomadic Hakka Heritage with Chef Katherine Chung’s Pop-up at The Lodhi, New Delhi

Discover the Nomadic Hakka Heritage with Chef Katherine Chung’s Pop-up at The Lodhi, New Delhi

 Hakka Heritage

27th October 2023, New Delhi: An exciting culinary adventure awaits as Perbacco at The Lodhi, New Delhi prepares for a unique Progressive Chinese pop-up named “I AM NOT A NOODLE.” This culinary voyage is helmed by Chef Katherine Chung, a fervent guardian of her nomadic Hakka heritage.

Chef Katherine’s exceptional journey unfolds as she draws inspiration from her family’s far-flung roots spanning Southern China, Hong Kong, Canada, and Kolkata. Her culinary journey extended beyond her home, incorporating global influences from friends and family. Through meticulous research, she uncovered the intricacies of Hakka cuisine. Today, her creations stand as a vibrant testament to the robust flavours of Hakka cuisine, seamlessly fusing Indian ingredients with authentic Chinese techniques.

This pop-up experience isn’t just about the food; it’s a revelation of her personal journey, a story of her search for identity and the essence of belonging. “I Am Not a Noodle” embodies the essence of Hakka traditions, dispelling misconceptions about Hakka cuisine limited to noodles and Chilli Chicken. This experience invites guests to savour the rich heritage of Hakka culture, as crafted by a chef whose culinary path is steeped in familial legacy.

Chef Katherine’s menu plays with quintessential Hakka Chinese dishes that are rarely seen outside Hakka homes, like Yam ‘Abacus Beads’ – a traditional Lunar New Year ‘gnocchi’, to her signature Roast Crackling Pork Belly and Stuffed Pumpkin Flowers with Miso Mash and Hot Mustard, the Hong Kong boatmen style Typhoon Shelter Prawns and innovative takes on classics like Garlic Oyster Mushroom with Ma’La French Beans served with Sichuan Mustard Tubers. Each dish carries a personal narrative, adding depth to the culinary experience.

The experience starts with a tasting of the Chef’s Homemade Rice Wine. Enhancing the mains are condiments like Homemade Chilli Oil, Scallion ‘Crack’ Sauce, and Spiced Cucumber. To conclude, a dessert duo awaits, featuring Sesame Balls with Ice Cream and Osmanthus Honey and Fried Milk Custard with Soy Caramel Drizzle.

I AM NOT A NOODLE by Chef Katherine Chung is presented by Gormei, a Hong Kong and India-based Culinary Curator focused on creating extraordinary dining experiences. The Progressive Chinese Pop-up offers an exploration of Hakka cuisine’s rich tapestry and celebrates the amalgamation of tradition and innovation within Chinese culinary arts. The specially curated five-course menu is priced at INR 4,500 plus GST per person.

Date: 28th and 29th October
Venue: Perbacco – The Lodhi, New Delhi

Dinner: 7 PM onwards