Driving Social Impact: 5 CEO Stories Towards CSR Commitment

Driving Social Impact: 5 CEO Stories Towards CSR Commitment

With growing concerns about climate change, social inequalities, and environmental degradation, CEOs are increasingly adopting sustainable practices and incorporating corporate social responsibility (CSR) into their business strategies. Effective CEOs understand that sustainability and CSR should be integrated into the core values of their company. They set a clear vision and mission that aligns with societal and environmental goals. By establishing a purpose beyond profit, they inspire their employees, customers, and stakeholders to embrace sustainable practices. Many CEOs are increasingly recognizing the importance of Corporate Social Responsibility and are actively engaging in CSR initiatives to demonstrate their commitment to social and environmental issues. These initiatives can include charitable donations, environmental sustainability efforts, community engagement projects, and more. By integrating CSR into their business strategies, CEOs aim to create positive impacts.

Sameer Kanodia

Sameer Kanodia, Managing Director & CEO Lumina Datamatics- Sameer Kanodia has been Lumina Datamatics’ Managing Director since 2018. He heads operations and oversees the management team. He drives strategic initiatives, expansion plans, sales, and go-to-market strategies. Sameer Kanodia’s involvement with Space Kidz India (SKI) represents a commendable corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiative that leverages his expertise and resources to promote space science education among youth. Through his support, SKI can conduct a wide array of educational activities, including workshops, competitions, and outreach programs, aimed at inspiring and empowering students to pursue careers in space science and technology. Kanodia’s commitment to this cause demonstrates a dedication to nurturing the next generation of scientists and engineers in India, contributing to the country’s advancement in the field of space exploration and technology development. Additionally, his involvement underscores the importance of private sector engagement in fostering STEM education and innovation, ultimately benefiting society as a whole. In a specific initiative, they partnered with Space Kidz India, successfully launching a satellite into outer space and empowering 750 teenage girls across 75 rural schools with opportunities to explore diverse skill sets and potential careers in Space. Anju’s leadership combines financial acumen with a commitment to sustainable practices.

Rohit Jawa CEO

Rohit Jawa CEO and managing director at Hindustan Unilever- With the leadership of Rohit Jawa Hindustan Unilever has successfully managed to engage with students at public schools as they delivered the lifebuoy #schoolof5 program, d with the help of engaging storytelling and demonstrations to show simple and effective habits of handwashing with soap on five key occasions a day. Rohit Jawa believes that promoting handwashing programmes is crucial for a healthy nation as it is not just about preventing disease, but also about nurturing healthier communities and society. The brand in India alone has reached over 560 million through focused interventions, NGO partnerships, and advocacy efforts with the government.

Rajiv Bajaj CEO of Bajaj-Auto –

Rajiv Bajaj CEO of Bajaj-Auto – Rajiv Bajaj says that “launching the Bajaj engineering skills training (BEST) last year has been a valuable learning experience for us. It gave us a very clear picture of the critical gap between theoretical education and practical skills needed in the manufacturing industry. The insights gained through BEST acted as a cornerstone in laying down the groundwork. With Bajaj Beyond, we will expand our skilling efforts across the group. Together, we will design future-proof curriculums, provide real-world, hands-on experiences, and equip our youth with the adaptability and innovation required to thrive in the ever-evolving mobility landscape.” BEST has already partnered with some of India’s top institutes to train graduates with some good skills. The program has inaugurated a flagship center in Pune with 120 students, and Rajiv Bajaj said it is now scaling up with a plan to establish 15 centers across India.

Anand Mahindra chairman of Mahindra group


Anand Mahindra chairman of Mahindra group- In his long tenure as chairman of Mahindra & Mahindra, which stretched across almost five decades, Anand Mahindra began with the Nanhi Kali (Little bud) project in 1996 at the K.C. Mahindra education trust, to educate underprivileged girls in India. The project began against the backdrop of population growth rate, low female literacy level, and other social issues such as child labour, and child marriage which were common in many parts of India, especially rural areas. Over the years, Nanhi Kali has reached out to over 500,00 underprivileged people.

Mohit Malhotra CEO at Dabur India

Mohit Malhotra CEO at Dabur India– Mohit Malhotra serves as the CEO of Dabur India Ltd., a leading FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) company. Under his leadership, Dabur has been involved in several CSR activities, including initiatives related to healthcare, education, rural development, and environmental sustainability. Some specific examples may include providing healthcare services to underserved communities, supporting education programs for children, empowering farmers through sustainable agriculture practices, and promoting environmental conservation efforts under Mohit Malhotra Dabur commenced its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activity in Alwar earlier this year by adopting the government schools – Government Middle School Gugdaud, Government Primary School Haldina Umrai and Rajkia Adarsh Uchh Madyamil Vidyalaya Bagadh Rajput. The infrastructure in all three schools was completely revamped, which included the creation of new sanitation facilities for both boys and girls.