DrivingNaari – a purpose driven initiative by inDrive

DrivingNaari – a purpose driven initiative by inDrive


inDrive, a global mobility and urban services platform after pioneering an empowering initiative this International Women’s Day with the launch of their Driving Naari campaign, launched the video to create awareness around the same.

At its core, the DrivingNaari campaign is more than just a campaign; it’s a movement challenging entrenched gender stereotypes within the ride-hailing industry. This purpose-driven project by inDrive has been launched with a mission to challenge injustice and encourage women to become professional drivers and give them access to remunerative ‘livelihoods with dignity’

In its 3-minute brand film, inDrive shows the challenges faced by women in their daily lives and how this initiative by inDrive will help them by providing them equal opportunities in the field of driving as a career. The heartbeat of the campaign lies in providing a platform for women from all walks of life from all over India to register for the Drive DrivingNaari program and take up commercial driving as a career option to become independent drivers and find their dream job on the road.

“Driving Naari is about empowering women to push boundaries and discover their true potential behind the wheel. It’s about driving change. By empowering women to take up driving as a career, inDrive is not only reshaping the ride-hailing landscape but also paving the way for the future where gender equality reigns supreme on the road” said Avik Karmakar, GTM Manager, South Asia, drive