Electric Scooters in Small Towns Outshine Metros in Average Daily Kilometres

Electric Scooters in Small Towns Outshine Metros in Average Daily Kilometres

Bengaluru, 27th January 2024:  Ather Energy, India’s leading electric scooter manufacturer, has unveiled its ‘Ather 2023 Report’, highlighting significant trends and accomplishments. The year 2023 saw a remarkable 1, 98,496 Ather scooters traverse an impressive 1.2 billion kilometres, marking a 209% increase from the previous year. This growth is particularly noticeable in smaller towns and cities, where Ather scooters are increasingly popular.

In terms of daily travel, scooters in Nagercoil, Cuttack, Malappuram, Kozhikode and Bhubaneswar surpassed the national average, recording a daily average of 40 kilometres compared to the typical 26 kilometres by most Ather owners. Metropolitan areas also showed significant usage. Bengaluru and Chennai continue to lead the total distance chart. Karnataka travelled a total of 327.6 million kilometres with Bengaluru leading the state with over 40,500 scooters accounting for nearly 218.5 million kilometres at an average of 5,387 kilometres per scooter. Chennai followed with its 14,835 scooters covering 86.8 million kilometres, averaging over 5,854 kilometres each. Telangana, Pune and Delhi are also among the top 5 cities in the chart, covering 69.7 million km, 68.4 million km and 53 million km respectively.

Ather owners frequently embarked on long rides, with over 60,000 scooters travelling more than 100 kilometres at least once in 2023. A notable achievement includes a rider completing 62 trips of over 100 kilometres on a single charge, showcasing the exceptional range of Ather scooters.

Feature Usage Pattern 

Ather’s Warp mode has been a crowd favourite since 2020 and owners clocked 115 million km in Warp mode in 2023.  The cities with the highest Warp mode usage were Tumakuru (Karnataka), Karimnagar (Telangana), Kottayam & Malappuram (Kerala) and Nagercoil (Tamil Nadu). Ather owners from these cities engaged Warp mode for more than 20% of their rides, underscoring the widespread appeal of performance features.  The Park AssistTM or the reverse assist feature proved invaluable in navigating tight parking situations, cumulatively covering more than four times the Earth’s circumference, or 162,000 kilometres. On board navigation has also gained popularity among Ather users, with 206 million kilometres navigated. 

Ather Charging Ecosystem 

The Ather Grid, Ather Energy’s fast-charging network, is expanding its reach. Charging stations are now conveniently located every 6 to 15 square kilometres in cities such as Chennai, Bengaluru, Pune, Mumbai, Hyderabad, and Delhi NCR.

In 2023, Ather installed over 900 Ather Grids across India bringing the total number of fast chargers to 1600+ fast-charging points. Over this period Ather Grids have been strategically installed connecting locations that will allow customers to go on weekend getaways like Bengaluru to Nandi Hills, Pune to Lonavala, Mumbai to Alibaug, Chennai to Pondicherry, Delhi to Agra, Siliguri to Darjeeling and many more. Ather Grids also allow a customer to travel the entire coastal region covering Kanyakumari and Kasargod (640 km) with over 52 fast charging stations installed.

This expansive grid has significantly alleviated range anxiety, evidenced by numerous intercity trips, including 447 Ather owners riding from Kozhikode and Malappuram in Kerala, and 232 Ather owners riding from Chikballapur to Bengaluru, among others. 

Ather Energy remains steadfast in its commitment to revolutionising the way we commute. With every milestone achieved, Ather is driving towards a dynamic, electric future, aiming to establish electric scooters as the favoured choice for commuters throughout India. This dedication underscores Ather’s role as a pioneering force in shaping an electrified transportation landscape.