Emcure Launches Unmask Anemia, an Initiative to Help Women Assess Anemia Risk with a Self-test

Emcure Launches Unmask Anemia, an Initiative to Help Women Assess Anemia Risk with a Self-test

Bengaluru, February 24, 2024: Emcure Pharmaceuticals is an Indian pharmaceutical company with a focus on the women healthcare segment, announced the launch of ‘Unmask Anemia’, an initiative to create awareness around iron deficiency anemia in India. The initiative aims to raise awareness and improve detection and treatment of iron deficiency anemia in women across India”.

In a video message released by Emcure, actress turned author Twinkle Khanna, who is also an advocate for women’s rights, draws interesting inferences around women empowerment from various ad campaigns. She also urges brands to join Emcure in spreading awareness about anemia calling upon women to visit Unmask Anemia website (https://unmaskanemia.com/taketest) and take the self-test. Through this compelling message, Emcure and Twinkle Khanna ask Indian women to stop ignoring the symptoms of iron deficiency and get themselves assessed for the risk of anemia.

Iron deficiency is one of the most common causes of anemia and its prevalence among Indian women is the highest in the world. As per the latest National Family Health Survey, the prevalence of anemia in women between the age group of 15 to 49 years is as high as 57% in the country. The symptoms of anemia like fatigue, weakness, hair fall etc. usually considered normal and are often ignored by women. Lack of awareness and action about their health and nutritional parameters makes testing for anemia imperative.

The online self-test aims to simplify the process of assessing the risk of iron deficiency anemia. The test is designed based on the common signs and symptoms of the condition. These symptoms often go unnoticed or are misattributed, hence unmasking becomes crucial.

Speaking on the occasion, Ms. Namita Vikas Thapar, Whole-time Director of Emcure Pharmaceuticals, said, “Despite advances in anemia interventions, its burden remains significant in India. Every second woman in the country suffers from iron deficiency anemia, but the lack of awareness prevents timely diagnosis. Emcure has been trying to address this deficit of iron in women for many years and we are proud to have a strong woman like Twinkle Khanna supporting us in our endeavour. We hope that our initiative of ‘Unmask Anemia’ will help bring about awareness and an increase in anemia screening, diagnosis and treatment. We have been passionately doing a host of things around patient education and awareness, including one of a kind show on women’s health called ‘Uncondition Yourself’ on YouTube, and Unmask Anemia is an extension of such initiatives”

Sharing his views on the initiative, Dr. Jaydeep Tank, President FOGSI said, “Screening of women of all age-groups, timely iron supplementation and spreading awareness can make a huge difference. Adolescent girls and women of childbearing age are at greater risk due to loss of blood during menstruation, and pregnancy. An easily accessible preliminary assessment followed by desired medical advice will greatly help tackle the problem.

‘Unmask Anemia’ campaign is part of Emcure Pharmaceutical’s Anemia Mukt Nari mission that aims to raise awareness and improve detection and treatment of iron deficiency anemia in women across India. This initiative by Emcure Pharmaceuticals complements the Indian government’s mission of Anemia Mukt Bharat.