Eupheus Learning Launches ‘Zoom! Plus’ Aligned with National Curriculum Framework 2022-23

New DelhiFebruary 07 2024: Eupheus Learning, a leading EdTech company, announces the launch of ZoomPlus,” a revolutionary program in early education that perfectly aligns with the National Curriculum Framework 202223. This latest offering reflects a paradigm shift in the way education is approached, focusing on the child as the center of the learning experience.

The National Curriculum Framework 202223, following the NEP 2020, introduces a fresh perspective on education, emphasizing experiential learning and a child-centric approach. In this regard, “ZoomPlus” seamlessly integrates these principles, providing a homogenously planned, integrated, and interlocked five-year curriculum for the Foundational Years.

Key features of “ZoomPlus” include:

  • Holistic Curriculum Design: A meticulously planned curriculum combining three years of pre-primary learning with grades 1 and 2, creating a structured educational foundation known as Foundational Years.
  • Vidyapravesh Bridge Course: An extensive bridge course filled with activities, stories, and teacher learning materials to smoothly transition from pre-primary experiences to the knowledge essential for grades 1 and 2.
  • Happy Curriculum: A joyful curriculum that fosters holistic development in children.
  • Multifaceted Learning Approaches: A blend of activities, manipulatives, projects, art, music, and movement to promote comprehensive learning.
  • Digital Integration: Judicious use of digital and audio-visual support, along with QR codes for parent engagement.

Speaking on the launch of ZoomPlus Mr. Amit Kapoor, Co-founder and CEO of Eupheus Learning, said, “At Eupheus Learning, our commitment is not just to claim alignment with the NCF but to embody its principles in every aspect. ‘ZoomPlus‘ is a testament to our dedication to providing quality education that resonates with the ethos of the National Curriculum Framework 202223.”

ZoomPlus” promises an engaging learning experience for children, supported by attractively designed books, formative assessments, digital resources, and comprehensive teacher and parent support. The program is designed to cater to different learning needs and ensures the overall development of each child.