ETG ECO GREEN PACKAGING MANUFACTURING LLC Launches-100 Percent Plastic-Free,Compostable Bottles & cutlery.

ETG ECO GREEN PACKAGING MANUFACTURING LLC Launches-100 Percent Plastic-Free,Compostable Bottles & cutlery.


25th March 2024, Dubai, UAE – ETG ECO GREN a pioneer in sustainable technology, marked its first anniversary with the launch of an innovative, 100% compostable & eco-friendly product that is set to redefine environmental responsibility in the consumer sector. The company unveiled its groundbreaking 100% plastic-free and compostable bottles & cutlery, a testament to ETG’s unwavering commitment to combating plastic pollution and fostering a sustainable future.

Founded in the UAE, ETG has rapidly expanded its influence across three continents, leading the way in integrating cutting-edge technology with ecological mindfulness. The company’s latest product exemplifies this ethos, offering a viable, eco-conscious alternative to traditional plastic bottles.

Kishore Kumar Reddy, Co-Founder & CEO, Shoukath Ali & Tariq Badshah of ETG, stated, “Our journey began with a clear vision – to eradicate plastic from our daily lives. Today, we take a significant leap towards that goal with our compostable water bottles. These bottles aren’t just products; they’re a bold statement against environmental degradation. They symbolize our pledge to nurture our planet and lead the charge towards a greener, more sustainable future.”

ETG’s innovative approach intertwines the latest technology with ecological responsibility. The compostable bottles represent a major stride in reducing plastic waste and encouraging an eco-friendly lifestyle. Made entirely from plant-based materials, these bottles decompose naturally, leaving no harmful residue, thus offering a guilt-free, environmentally sound hydration solution.

The launch was celebrated at a gala event, attended by industry leaders, environmental advocates, and esteemed guests including the General Counsellor of the Republic of Rwanda, Mr. Edouard Bizumuremyi. The event underscored ETG’s rapid growth and its commitment to sustainable practices.

“Our vision extends beyond business achievements. It’s about creating a sustainable future for our planet,” Reddy added. “This product launch is not just a milestone for ETG but a step towards a collective, eco-friendly future. We’re proud to lead this movement and invite everyone to join us in this essential, planet-nurturing journey.”

As ETG continues its journey, it remains dedicated to innovation and the development of products that resonate with its core mission of environmental stewardship. The 100% compostable bottles are just the beginning of a series of sustainable initiatives planned by the company.