EuroBond: 2700 Fabricators Symbolize Eurobond’s Commitment to Community Building

EuroBond: 2700 Fabricators Symbolize Eurobond’s Commitment to Community Building

India, 20th February 2024 – 5,000 individuals are standing tall as a living testament to Eurobond’s commitment to building a successful community of fabricators. The leading aluminum composite panel manufacturer has been successfully revolutionizing and modernizing the industry with its innovative Rewards App for the last nine months, which has been instrumental in garnering a perception of community, motivating increased cooperation and engineering an outstanding impact on the socio-economic stature of the fabricators.

Rajesh Shah, Chairman and Managing Director, of Eurobond commented saying, “At Eurobond, we like to think of all our fabricators as one big family and this app is a game-changer for fabricators, offering a unique platform encouraging fabricators to use high quality products to reap exclusive benefits. The app apart from its USP has become widely accepted for its simplicity and inclusivity and will empower our fabricators to make informed choices, rewarding them with more points for opting for superior materials over cheaper alternatives. By incentivizing the use of the right products, Eurobond Rewards bridges the gap between fabricators’ hard work and well-deserved recognition, offering a swift and diverse range of rewards that have gone a long way in bringing about a significant improvement in their quality of life.”

The user experience on the Rewards app is extremely simple, courtesy of a comfortable user interface. The fabricators can now seamlessly scan Eurobond’s QR codes on the app, earning Euros points that correlate with the quality of materials used. In the last nine months, the reward system has ensured that fabricators are credited with more points for opting for premium quality products over cheaper alternatives. This not only incentivizes the use of top-notch materials for seamless workmanship and durable installations but also translates their hard work into tangible rewards.

The last nine months have witnessed a steady growth of the Eurobond fabricators, who have managed to redeem more than 200 compelling products, and a successful transferral of ₹5,00,000 to their bank accounts. These benefits provide additional motivation to the fabricators, who have also received tools that supplement the quality of craftsmanship and provide assistance in daily usage. Added to that, receiving components for household usage has impacted their lifestyle. The influences are noticeable in the fabricators’ testimonials which include endowing air coolers or top of the line smartwatches to relatives and family members.

At Eurobond, the commitment to build a growing community is far from being limited to a materialistic reward system. Over 3,000 fabricators have extensively used the application to gather points that have helped them to redeem in excess of 200 sensational products and obtain more than ₹5,00,000/- in their personal bank accounts. This stands as a testimony to Eurobond’s resolve to recognize and boost the community.

“We are proud of our effective support to the community of fabricators, which can be seen in the ₹5,00,000 transferred to bank accounts, delivery of 300 gifts and ₹200,000 in vouchers. Our dedication is evident by the grade-based Rewards system in the ACP segment that emphasizes on quality and aligns our fabricators’ desire to deliver efficient workmanship and premium installations,” Rajesh Shah – Chairman & Managing Director – Eurobond ACP highlights.

The closely knit fabricator community is also being supplemented with updates on offers and rewards on the application, including the latest Dream Dhamaka offer, which is currently under development and will feature grand discounts on luxury products such as bikes, iPhones, TVs and others, along with holiday visits to tropical destinations, both domestic and international, such as Thailand and Goa.

Eurobond remains dedicated in fulfilling its obligation towards the betterment of its fabricator community, realizing their true potential and establishing a prolific relationship outside the bounds of the rewards, influencing the lives and promoting a sense of affiliation within the company.