EzeRx Partners with PATH and Satara Zilla Parishad to Improve Healthcare in Satara District

EzeRx Partners with PATH and Satara Zilla Parishad to Improve Healthcare in Satara District

EzeRx Partners

Maharashtra, 17th May 2024 In a pioneering initiative, EzeRx, a leading innovator in non-invasive diagnostic solutions, has partnered with PATH, a global nonprofit organization and Health Department, Satara Zilla Parishad. This strategic alliance aims to augment the Ayushman Bharat Program by bolstering primary healthcare services, with a special emphasis on addressing the unique health challenges faced by women in the rural Satara district. The intent behind the association is to promote proactive healthcare-seeking behaviors among women in the region.

As a critical component of this initiative, EzeRx has successfully deployed four of its innovative EzeCheck devices to support healthcare workers in Satara. These non-invasive devices are designed to streamline the screening and identification processes for better management of anemia. Their user-friendly nature and portability make them well-suited for field operations in rural settings, demonstrating their practical utility in the remote areas of Maharashtra.

The company also organized a comprehensive training session on the 2nd of May for community health officers in the Satara district. These sessions were attended by Dr Sunil Chavan, Additional District Health Officer; Mrs Aparna Bhide, Head of District Pharmacy; Vikas Namdeo Wadgaye, Resident Medical Officer, Satara District Hospital; and representatives from PATH and Health Department, Satara Zilla Parishad. The training was designed to help equip healthcare professionals with the necessary skills to effectively operate EzeCheck.

Partha Pratim Das Mahapatra, Founder and CEO of EzeRx, said, “We are delighted to join forces with PATH and Health Department, Satara Zilla Parishad in this much-needed initiative to uplift women’s healthcare in Satara district. The deployment of our EzeCheck devices and the training provided to community health officers mark significant strides towards our mission of making quality healthcare accessible to all. We are confident this collaboration will yield improved health outcomes and empower women to take charge of their well-being.”

Chaitali Roy, Co-Founder and COO of EzeRx echoed similar sentiments, saying, “Our partnership with PATH and Health Department, Satara Zilla Parishad exemplifies our unwavering commitment to ensuring equitable access to healthcare. By leveraging our cutting-edge technology and empowering healthcare professionals through comprehensive training, we aim to address the unique health needs of women in rural areas and drive meaningful change within the community.”

The success of this collaboration in the Satara district is a promising model for future initiatives, underscoring the potential of public-private partnerships in tackling healthcare challenges in underserved regions. EzeRx, PATH, and Health Department, Satara Zilla Parishad remain steadfast in their efforts to promote equitable access to healthcare and elevate women’s overall well-being in rural Maharashtra.



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