Fibe launched an innovative social media campaign to change the way people say its name

Fibe launched an innovative social media campaign to change the way people say its name

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Pune, 1st November 2023: Mispronunciations often plague the journey of brands, and Fibe, India’s leading Fintech decided to embrace this challenge with humor and innovation. Often faced with the challenge of people not getting its name right or mispronouncing it as ‘Fibs’ or ‘Fibeys’, the company launched an innovative social media campaign by introducing the unique role of a ‘Chief Pronunciation Officer’ (CPO). The campaign visuals and design language took inspiration from LinkedIn, as the campaign essentially served as a job application for the CPO role.

As part of the campaign, individuals from all walks of life were invited to participate in a tongue-twisting challenge, saying “Fibe felao, Vibe felao” ten times in a row without fumbling or pausing.

With the objective of establishing the correct pronunciation of ‘Fibe’ among audiences, the company invited applicants to post videos or audio to not only get the brand name right but also add their own creative spin to the tongue twister.

The CPO campaign received an impressive response, totaling 1,100+ inquiries, 50+ job applications on LinkedIn and 300+ video submissions. With minimal marketing spends, Fibe’s campaign was able to create a lasting impact on consumers, garnering a reach of more than 15.3M.

What sets this campaign apart is Fibe’s generous reward of INR 50,000 for mastering the tongue-twister challenge. The chosen CPO becomes a guardian of the #PaiseWaliVibe, earning not only the prestigious title but also the rewarding prize. Fibe collaborated with the well-known comedian Josè Covaco, whose name is often mispronounced.

Commenting on this campaign, Sudesh Shetty, Founding Member and Director of Marketing of Fibe said, “We believe that humor and creativity can transform challenges into opportunities. Fibe’s CPO Campaign was not merely about pronouncing the brand name correctly; but fostering a positive and dynamic vibe. The response we’ve received is a testament to the power of innovation and the #PaiseWaliVibe that we stand for.”

Social media proved highly effective in driving engagement and participation for the campaign, generating a significant response from a diverse audience. This demonstrates the campaign’s resounding success in establishing the correct pronunciation of ‘Fibe’ while infusing a #PaiseWaliVibe throughout the process.