First elimination hits hard on MTV Hustle 03 REPRESENT; leaves Rap Supremo Badshah in tears

First elimination hits hard on MTV Hustle 03 REPRESENT; leaves Rap Supremo Badshah in tears

In the last episode, Rap Supremo Badshah warns that a storm of eliminations would gather over the hustlers. The Squad Bosses advised their team members to not think about eliminations but to deliver their absolute best.

Squad Boss Dee MC set the mood for the evening with his electrifying performance. Badshah called in the first hustler to perform i.e. 100 RBH, who delivered a compelling rap celebrating India’s great history, earning himself the first Radio Hit of the episode. Badshah, full of emotions after his performance said, “Maza aa gaya. Bahut hi sahi.. kya likha hai yaar matlab kya pate ki baat kahi hain ‘Historic Don’. Yeh toh textbook hona chahiye, yeh toh syllabus mein hona chahiye, So proud of you!”

Next up, we witnessed UDAY; the youngest rapper on the show who paid tribute to his hearing-impaired Bua through a unique performance using the Indian sign language. Everyone was moved by his earnest performance and left Rap Supremo Badshah in tears, Ikka hugged him!

Badshah was overwhelmed and teared up while saying, “Mujhe aisa lagta hai tera music dimag mein nahi dil mein aata hai. Mein roh pada hoon tumhara talent dekh ke, tumhari likhai dekh ke.. I think aaj officially we have crossed the level of hustle 2!” Squad Boss Ikka, impressed by his act, added, “Sabse jyada stunned mein yeh dekh ke hua ki 18 saal mai hum kya kar rahe the aur tu kya ka raha hai yaar.. UDAY; uday rahega tu!”

Mrunal Thakur followed up with a power-packed performance, Ikka referred to her as ‘Lady Singham’. Squad Boss DeeMC, thrilled with joy said, “Mrunal, you are living up to the pin that is on your chest.” Rap ID delivered a performance centered around the concept of ‘Soch mein Milawat’. Badshah, impressed, gave him a standing ovation, a warm hug, dropped the mic, and awarded him a Radio Hit for the exceptional use of lyrics in his rap. Squad Boss Dino commended his mature thoughts, acknowledging the lyrics like ‘Hum baithe samundar par jiske na koi kinaare, yeh kaise ishaare!’

Poet Shaf, with his soulful voice, rapped on his college days memories, reminiscing whilst staying in the hotel with fellow hustlers. Badshah couldn’t agree more with him and said, “Mujhe toh aa gaye din college ke yaad.. Best line jo standout hua – Socha na kal ka bola kal se, tujh ko dekh liya!” Ikka amazed by his melodious voice complimented saying, “Kitna sundar gaya yaar … tere meh na jaadu hai, tere paas melodies hai aur melodies kisi kisi ke paas hoti hain… meko euphoria ki yaad aati hai tujhe dekh ke.”

While others gave bang-on performances, Hustlers – Burrah and Shady Mellow’s performance failed to resonate with the audience. UDAY rightfully earned Performer of this Week, received the golden crown while Dee MC Dynamite triumphed as Squad of the Week. As the eliminations unfolded, a Ground Shunya battle pitted Poet Shaf against Badal, with both of them at risk. Poet Shaf’s groundbreaking performance stunned the entire audience to which Badshah stated, “We were not ready for Poet Shaf!”

Unfortunately, Safidon ka Chorra aka Badal lost the battle and had to exit the competition. In the end, Rap Supremo Badshah summed it up aptly saying that the first Ground Shunya of MTV Hustle 03 REPRESENT had elevated the standards of Hip Hop – everyone must raise the bar even higher!