From remote villages to jobs with MNCs,these women are breaking barriers

From remote villages to jobs with MNCs,these women are breaking barriers

From remote villages

Nisha Dahiya from Bhaiswahi, a remote village in Katni district of Madhya Pradesh, was forced to discontinue studies after the intermediate level because of financial constraints. But she did not lose hope.

In June 2023, she came to know about the Adani Skill Development Centre in Kymore and enrolled herself. After completing a course in the warehouse packers’ domain, where she learnt new skills, she bagged a job at multinational company Amazon India in September last year. Nisha, now 22, is a warehouse executive with a monthly salary of Rs 18,000. While supporting her family, she wants to save some money to be able to renovate the family home.

Like Nisha, Swati Patel, from Dithwara in Katni, also took up the same course at the Saksham centre in Kymore. Recently, she also landed a job with Amazon India,

Swati’s sister Priyanka is a beauty therapist and runs her own parlour. Priyanka had completed a beautician’s course from the same Saksham centre. “My sister and I are grateful to the Adani Foundation for training us to become financially independent and self-reliant,” Swati says.

Last year, 13 women from the warehouse packers’ batch, which had 16 women and 4 men trainees, got placed in Amazon India at Sanand, Gujarat.

Nisha, Swati, and Priyanka are setting a shining example for the multitude of women from remote villages who have limited opportunities. The time they spent at the skill development centre prepared them to secure their future and create a better life for their families.

More than 40 Skill Development Centres are run by the Adani Foundation across 15 states. As part of the Saksham initiative, these centres impart training to youth to make them job-ready. So far, the centres have trained around 1.4 lakh youth across the country.

Mr Vasant Gadhavi, Executive Director of Adani Foundation,says, “By investing in skill development, India can harness the potential of its young workforce, especially women, create employment opportunities, and drive innovation and economic growth. It brings immense joy when we witness women shattering the glass ceiling, expanding opportunities for themselves, and increasing their participation in the workforce. Our Saksham initiative spearheads change and aims to transcend boundaries, reaching youth in the remotest regions of India.”

The Adani Foundation operates in 5,753 villages across 19 states, positively impacting 7.3 million lives. Through initiatives like Saksham, the Foundation aims to empower the youth by making them economically independent. Adani’s Skill Development Centres train youth in over 70 job roles and skills, like domestic electrician, domestic wiring, tailoring, retail sales, digital literacy, patient care assistant, fire safety, welding and multipurpose crane operations. Fundamentals of artificial intelligence and aspects of Metaverse are also covered as part of these courses.