From Trendy to Upscale: Trio of New Outlets Launch at Growel’s 101 Mall

From Trendy to Upscale: Trio of New Outlets Launch at Growel’s 101 Mall

Mumbai, March 6, 2024: Growel’s 101 Mall, the go-to family destination in Mumbai suburbs, is thrilled to announce the opening of three new outlets: HT Interiors, The Beer Café, and LED (Live Entertainment Destination). These openings mark a significant milestone in the mall’s journey as it continues to redefine itself as a premium shopping and social destination.

Beer Cafe 1

The Beer Café, India’s largest alco-beverage chain, offers a harmonious blend of craft beers and global cuisine in a setting that epitomizes both tradition and innovation. Its extensive range of beers, including domestic, international, and special brews, as well as the largest collection of tap beers in the city, is sure to delight beer enthusiasts visiting Growel’s 101 Mall.


LED presents a dynamic entertainment hub with arcade games, bowling, bumper cars, and VR gaming, catering to fun-seekers of all ages. This state-of-the-art game zone promises an adrenaline-pumping experience for everyone.

HT Interiors 1

HT Interiors by HomeTown, is an interior aficionado’s dream come true, offering stylish furniture and stunning home décor for every part of the home. This newest addition to Growel’s 101 Mall invites patrons to discover elegant and modern designs for their living spaces.

Bhavna Thakur, DGM Leasing, Growel’s 101 Mall, stated, “This year will be a transformative for Growel’s 101 Mall as we ascend to become not just a preferred shopping destination but a premium lifestyle experience. The opening of HT Interiors, The Beer Café, and LED are a testament to our commitment to providing diverse and upscale choices for our patrons. As Kandivali evolves with premium residential development, we continue to adapt, offering an exclusive brand mix and elevated experiences that reflect the sophistication of our shoppers.”

Over the last few years, the Kandivali suburb has witnessed a significant transformation with the development of premium residential real estate, leading to a shift in the customer demographics of the neighbourhood. Once a hub for value-conscious customers, it has now attracted a more premium and aspirational clientele.

In response to this evolution, Growel’s 101 Mall has consistently strived to enhance its offerings to meet and exceed the expectations of its patrons. The mall has actively engaged with key premium and aspirational brands reflecting Growel’s 101 Mall’s commitment to customer delight and its adaptability to the dynamic consumer landscape. The transformation of Kandivali has positioned Growel’s 101 as a destination mall of the western suburbs in Mumbai, providing a well-rounded experience is always at the centre of all its consumer offerings.