Geeta Pariwar Unveils the Roadmap to Gita Bhakti Amṛta Mahotsava At Pune Conference

Geeta Pariwar Unveils the Roadmap to Gita Bhakti Amṛta Mahotsava At Pune Conference

Geeta Pariwar Unveils the Roadmap to “Gītā Bhakti Amṛta Mahotsava” At Pune ConferencePune, 05th February 2024: The most awaited Gītā Bhakti Amṛta Mahotsava, slated to be celebrated from February 4th till 11th 2024, was announced by Geeta Pariwar at a Press Conference held on 1st February at the Patrakar Bhawan in Pune.

Geeta Pariwar, highly known for donning the role of a Charioteer to steer seekers on to the spiritual path, is organizing the Gītā Bhakti Amṛta Mahotsava – a celebration of the 75 priceless and memorable years of the divine journey of Parama Pujya Swami Shri Govind Dev Giriji Maharaj.

The week-long spiritual festive celebrations are scheduled to take place in the serene and pious surroundings of Alandi, Pune, on the banks of the sacred river Indrāyaṇī from 4th to 11th February 2024.

This spiritual festivity commemorates the Amṛta Mahotsava of the revered spiritual guru, Parama Pujya Swami Shri Govind Dev Giriji Maharaj, affectionately known to his devotees as Swamiji.

The key speakers who graced the press conference included Dr. Sanjay ji Malpani, National Executive President of Geeta Pariwar, Giridhariji Kale, Executive Chairman of the Gītā Bhakti Amṛta Mahotsava Organizing Committee, Pradeepji Rathi, Geeta Pariwar National Executive Member and Trustee, and Shekhar Mundada, Coordination Committee Public Relations Head.

Dr. Sanjay ji Malpani expressed his enthusiasm for the upcoming Mahotsava by stating that “Gītā Bhakti Amṛta Mahotsava” is not just an event, but an observation of spirituality, culture, and selfless service.

He echoed Swamiji’s vision to make this Mahotsava an eventful congregation which would result in creating a tremendous amount of positive vibes for mankind at large, and will inspire millions to share spiritual bliss together. Malpani ji also stated that this event is a testament to the grandeur of our cultural values and how great an impact it can have on the coming generations.  It is also believed that such a grand gathering of saints, yogis, spiritual leaders, and intellectuals from diverse backgrounds will significantly impact the preservation of our nation’s ethos.

The festival promises to be one of its kind. Along with a spectacular cultural extravaganza, it features participation of over 250 artists in an enactment of the great Indian epic Rāmāyaṇa. Śrīmadbhāgavata kathā and dialogues on the Scriptural doctrines such as Vedaśāstra Saṃvāda are some other highlights of the mega event. A grand scale 81 Kuṇḍīya Mahāyajña will be performed by over 2000 Vedic gurus.

Another grand attraction of the event is Kritagyata Gyapan Parva – honouring great personalities from different fields of service to the Nation.

A major attraction for those wanting to further their progress in spirituality is the opportunity to witness rich intellectual discussions on the principles of religion, and the Vedas.

This vibrant showcase aims to highlight the rich cultural heritage of India and foster a sense of unity and harmony among participants. “Gītā Bhakti Amṛta Mahotsava” 2024 promises to be a unique blend of spirituality, culture, and celebration, and Geeta Pariwar invites one and all to partake in this once in a lifetime occasion.