Glenmorangie brings its delicious & wonderful world into your living rooms with Shivan & Narresh

Glenmorangie brings its delicious & wonderful world into your living rooms with Shivan & Narresh


Glenmorangie, the epitome of luxury in the world of single malt Scotch whiskies from the house of Louis Vuitton Moët Hennessy, is marrying the realms of fine spirits and high design to position itself in the living room of the luxury seeking Indian consumer. In an exclusive collaboration with globally acclaimed designers Shivan & Narresh, the brand introduces ‘Delicious Living’—a limited edition collection of artisanal couches that transcend the boundaries of conventional luxury and redefines the art of living.

Delicious Living – a symphony of flavour and design.

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It all started with the designer duo’s visit to the brand home, Glenmorangie House, in Tain, Scotland, where immersive conversations with Director of Whisky Creation, Dr Bill Lumsden and the home’s vibrant sensorial playground deeply inspired them to reimage the way the luxury-seeking Indian consumer hosts soirées and consumes luxury spirits in the realm of their living room.

The “Delicious Living” collection is a limited edition range of signature couches which truly encapsulates the spirit of the Highland single malt Scotch whisky, as it ages barrel to bottle – from creation to consumption, all for your indulgence and delight. Each statement piece pushes the realm of form, shape and craft – and is a nod to the imagination and craftsmanship of Glenmorangie’ whisky makers, making it an inviting focal point for those who appreciate creativity and the finer things in life.

The ‘OakSwirl’ is a tribute to the decade-long maturation process in oak barrels that transforms Glenmorangie’s new make spirit into a masterpiece in the form of its signature expression, Glenmorangie Original. With earthy tones and rich textures, this couch beckons connoisseurs to indulge in the warmth and depth that characterizes each sip. While the futuristic ‘Infinity Swirl’ celebrates the mesmerizing ritual of swirling whisky in the glass, and its smooth, vibrant flavours which can be discovered in every sip of Glenmorangie. This couch’s dynamic form and fluid lines set within a metallic frame create a visual representation of the whirlpool effect that occurs when liquid and ice harmoniously dance.

The art print specially created for this collection – ‘Swirlscape’ – embodies the technicolor, vibrant world of the brand while breaking the serious codes of brown spirits as a category. To enrich the ‘delicious living’ escapades, artistic merchandise with the signature ‘swirlscape’ motif takes form as velvety cushions, silk throw rugs and statement canvas wall art pieces.

The luxury partnership unveiled at the flagship event on Dec 1 2023, which had seen over 300+ design makers, luxury connoisseurs attend an experiential living room transformation, in signature Glenmorangie style. This will be followed by a multi-city tour and imminent product launches which will be available for pre-orders to Glenmorangie patrons and newer consumers.

Thrilled on his association with Glenmorangie, Shivan Bhatiya, Head Designer at Shivan & Narresh said, “Visiting the world of Glenmorangie and working on this project with Dr. Bill has been an exceptional experience for Narresh and me. At Shivan & Narresh, we view life as one big holiday and are all about celebrating every moment – big or small. As an extension to this philosophy, we proudly present ‘Delicious Living’, a limited edition collection designed to be the focal point in any living space. It invites people to gather for elevated evenings that transition into mornings, creating cherished memories for a lifetime.”

Caspar MacRae, CEO & President of The Glenmorangie Company, commented: “It’s fantastic to see the beautiful, vibrant designs which have come out of our collaboration with Shivan & Narresh. Although they come from very different creative fields, it’s clear that they have found a kindred spirit in Dr Bill, and a shared desire to use imagination and skill to create delicious and wonderful experiences to delight consumers. I hope this partnership will inspire many convivial moments in homes across India, over a glass of Glenmorangie.”

Further commenting on this launch, Smriti Sekhsaria, Marketing Director, Moët Hennessy India expressed, “As a future forward brand, we strive to celebrate not just the luxury single malt but the moments they partake in our consumers’ life. With the “Delicious Living” statement couches, we desire to transform your living room experiences into moments of exquisite delight in the true spirit of Glenmorangie’s savoir faire. This thrilling collaboration with Shivan and Narresh will remarkably augment our effort of merging luxury whisky and design artistry in a way to make moments at the couch delicious and wonderful. “