Global Angel Investor Aparna Thyagarajan Leading Investment Surge in Jio Cinema’s ‘Indian Angels’ Show

Global Angel Investor Aparna Thyagarajan Leading Investment Surge in Jio Cinema’s ‘Indian Angels’ Show

India, 6th December 2023: Renowned global angel investor Aparna Thyagarajan is making waves in the investment landscape with a record number of strategic investments in promising startups featured at Jio Cinema’s Indian Angels Show. Aparna has made investments with 8 entrepreneurial ventures, establishing her as the Angel with maximum investments including several promising women entrepreneurs

As a seasoned investor across both US and India, Aparna’s commitment to fostering innovation and supporting transformative visions is evident in her strategic backing of these ventures, solidifying her key role as an Indian Angel in shaping the trajectory of promising startups across the ecosystem.


Talking about the investments, Aparna Thyagarajan, Cofounder & Chief Product Officer at Shobitam said, “I am honored to be a strategic investor and partner for these exceptional entrepreneurs. My commitment goes beyond providing financial support. I believe in the transformative power of collaboration and mentorship, where I am excited to play a role in guiding these innovative startups toward their full potential and giving flight to businesses. Together, we will embark on a journey of growth, innovation, and success, shaping the future of these brands and contributing to the dynamism of the entrepreneurial landscape.”

Sonal Somani – Founder HappieCurves said, “I am extremely happie to have someone as versatile and experienced as Aparna as my Golden Angel. It makes me feel proud that she believes in me and my vision, and with her guidance, we will scale to new heights. It will be a lot of fun to learn from her and work with her.”

Prashant Chourasia, Co founder said, Aparna’s decision to invest in Habbits marks a pivotal moment for us, and we are genuinely thrilled to have her on board. Her wealth of experience will help us navigate challenges, identify opportunities, and refine our strategic vision. The global potential for Habbits is enormous, and her insights into international markets, understanding of consumer trends, and network of connections will be crucial in establishing our presence across borders. Very much like her own venture Shobitam, we want to build for the world, from India” –

We at Shakti wearables are super thrilled to onboard Aparna ma’am as our angel investor and mentor. Her expertise and leadership skills have done wonders for Shobitam and we are grateful for her support. Aparna ma’am not only liked our business but was also so connected to the vision and the cause at Shakti wearables which gets us more motivated and we look forward to work together with her to emerge bigger and better.” added, Srishti Sharma, Founder – Shakti wearables

Aparna’s dedication extends beyond financial backing, as she champions women entrepreneurship. In addition to her investments, she has established the Shobitam Centre for Women Entrepreneurship at BITS Pilani, reflecting her commitment to nurturing and supporting women entrepreneurs.

In a notable partnership, Aparna has collaborated with several of the Indian Angels in the show to jointly invest in many brands. This collaborative effort emphasizes her commitment to fostering innovation and achieving success within the startup ecosystem. Her involvement in the Jio Cinema’s Indian Angels Show not only highlights her prowess as a prolific investor but also showcases her role as a champion for inclusive and diverse entrepreneurship. Aparna’s visionary approach continues to inspire others to contribute to the growth and evolution of the global startup landscape.