Gulf Oil and S-OIL SEVEN Join Forces to Expand Footprint in India

Gulf Oil and S-OIL SEVEN Join Forces to Expand Footprint in India

Gulf Oil

Gurgaon,20th October 2023 Gulf Oil Lubricants India Ltd., a Hinduja Group company, and a premier Indian lubricant manufacturer, takes a significant stride in enhancing its product portfolio for the Indian market by unveiling the globally acclaimed S-OIL SEVEN range through strategic collaboration. In this partnership, Gulf Oil will oversee the production, distribution, and promotion of premium OEMs like the KIA India dealer network. The comprehensive product lineup features a variety of Passenger Car Gasoline Engine oil variants and a Passenger Car Diesel Engine Oil variant.

Furthermore, Gulf has the exclusive rights to manufacture and distribute the globally acclaimed S-OIL SEVEN range throughout its extensive network, actively bolstering the brand’s reach and resonance within the Indian market. This marks the maiden venture where an S-OIL product line is being produced outside South Korea. The S-OIL SEVEN range encompasses a spectrum of fully-synthetic, semi-synthetic and premium lubricants, harnessing exceptional attributes such as very high viscosity index within the Group II/III class base oil. This exceptional range assures elevated technical performance and an enriched driving experience.

Commenting on the partnership, Mr. Ravi Chawla, MD and CEO, Gulf Oil Lubricants India Ltd added, “We gratefully acknowledge S-OIL and KIA Motors India for entrusting us with the responsibility of delivering world-class production capabilities. Our successful collaboration with S-OIL is a pioneering milestone as it marks the first time an S-OIL product is being manufactured beyond the borders of South Korea. This achievement brings advanced Korean technology to the forefront of Indian production capabilities, elevating industry standards. We are immensely delighted that the global partnership between S-Oil and KIA Motors India has materialized in India through our collaboration. We are determined to maintain the elevated standards that have been established on a global scale and strive to exceed expectations at every step of the way.”

About the collaboration with Gulf Oil Lubricants in India, Mr. S H Son, Team Leader, S-OIL, expressed, “It is with great pleasure that we witness the realisation of our envisioned outcomes from the partnership with Gulf, an association initiated nearly three years ago. The industry insight and expansive distribution network of Gulf Oil Lubricants position us favourably for extensive market penetration in India. The business journey of S-OIL and Gulf Oil Lubricants will embark on a more wonderful voyage starting today, and S-OIL SEVEN will evolve into a new emerging leader in the Indian lubricant market.”

The S-OIL SEVEN range offers diverse lubricants, including fully-synthetic, synthetic, and mineral oils tailored to the Passenger Car and Motor Cycle Oil categories. Furthermore, it extends to mineral oils designed for the Diesel Engine Oil category fully synthetic and synthetic transmission oils.

Gulf Oil Lubricants’ transformative collaboration with S-OIL SEVEN is set to herald an era of cutting-edge lubrication solutions in the Indian market. This strategic partnership signifies the successful fusion of technological excellence and industry expertise.