HARMAN showcases its lineup of advanced tech solutions – from HealthGPT to GearUP

HARMAN showcases its lineup of advanced tech solutions – from HealthGPT to GearUP

BANGALORE, INDIA 12th January 2024 – HARMAN Digital Transformations Solutions, a strategic business dedicated to blending the physical and digital to make business technology more dynamic, today presented its latest tech innovations in conjunction with HARMAN EXPLORE and on the sidelines of the Consumer Electronics Show (CES).

Starting January 8 through January 11, 2024, at the Virgin Hotel in Las Vegas, HARMAN Digital Transformation Solutions is presenting new solutions – GearUP, HealthGPT (private large language model), generative AI, and IoT in a Box – all built with a customer-first mindset to deliver a holistic and meaningful technology experience for global enterprises.

On display are a range of innovations by HARMAN, such as monitoring workers’ health, streamlining document processing workflows, providing faster and more accurate data analysis, and improving customer service in the healthcare industry.

“At HARMAN Digital Transformation Solutions, we create cutting-edge technology solutions that drive exceptional outcomes for our customers,” said Nick Parrotta, President – Digital Transformation Solutions and CDIO, HARMAN. “At the same time at HARMAN EXPLORE 2024 and CES, we are demonstrating how our latest digital solutions can simplify and enrich everyday life through technologies like AI and IoT. We believe being strategically focused on human-centric solutions allows us to build and use tech to successfully resolve our clients’ most complex challenges.”

During the week of January 8, 2024, in Las Vegas, attendees can experience the following HARMAN Digital Transformation Solutions demonstrations:


In partnership with Samsung, HARMAN GearUP addresses critical problems of difficult workplaces through a watch and application that monitors health vitals, tracks worker location, and manages work assignments. It builds a safer ecosystem that can be easily monitored through a dashboard and enables quick action in real-time.


HARMAN HealthGPT is a private large language model (LLM) that provides enterprises with more control over roadmap, privacy, compliance, and security issues at an optimized cost. It brings forward all the benefits of a private LLM with a strong knowledge base established from a variety of healthcare data sets. The model has been tested for accuracy and hallucinations using HARMAN-developed automated LLM testing framework, with validation from healthcare subject matter experts.

Generative AI

HARMAN is helping global clients start to deploy generative AI capabilities across their organizations. Their most recent solution, HARMAN eNOVA, is a generative content creation, processing, and management platform that can develop and analyze a wide array of content including emails, audio files, images, and video – along with creating net-new personalized content. This not only improves accuracy and efficiency but streamlines document processing workflows and provides faster data analysis.

IoT in a Box

IoT in a Box is a platform to implement and onboard smart devices of enterprises in an easy manner with a guided wizard approach. The platform enables easy configuration of the devices and connectivity to cloud platforms to push the telemetry data and bring IoT to enterprises.