HCAH Elevates Two Leaders as Co-founders to Drive Strategic Growth

HCAH Elevates Two Leaders as Co-founders to Drive Strategic Growth

HCAH Elevates Two Leaders

Gurugram,8th November 2023: HCAH, a leading healthcare provider is pleased to announce the elevation of two accomplished individuals, Dr. Gaurav Thukral and Ankit Kumar Goel, to the roles of Co-founders within the organization. These appointments signify a remarkable moment in HCAH’s journey as it continues to expand and make strides in the out-of-hospital care industry.

Dr. Gaurav Thukral, who has been with HCAH for over a decade will continue serving as the Chief Operating Officer (COO) of HCAH India, in addition to his position as Co-founder. Dr. Gaurav’s dedication and commitment to HCAH have not only earned him respect as a mentor and leader within the organization but also solidifies his influence in shaping the future of HCAH.

Dr. Gaurav, Co-founder and COO, HCAH India, stated, “I am deeply honoured to assume the role of Co-founder. This elevation represents not just a personal achievement but also a testament to HCAH’s relentless pursuit of excellence. It will empower me to contribute even more significantly to our growth and I look forward to continuing our pursuit of excellence. As a team, we will continue to shape the future of the company and strengthen our standing within the rapidly evolving landscape of healthcare in India.”

Parallely, Ankit Kumar Goel, an eight-year veteran at HCAH, has played a pivotal role in various capacities. As Chief Strategy and Product Officer, he has consistently driven growth through his multifaceted contributions. Ankit’s role has spanned strategy formulation, business analysis, fundraising, and mergers and acquisitions. His strategic acumen and counsel have been a guiding force for HCAH, helping navigate complex scenarios with precision.

Commenting on his new role, Ankit Kumar Goel, Co-founder & Chief Strategy Officer, HCAH India, said, “It has been an incredible journey so far with the exceptional team at HCAH, and it’s my honour to be recognized as a Co-Founder. This recognition reinforces our shared commitment to innovation. It also cements our resolve to transform out-of-hospital care. I am looking forward to the possibilities that lie ahead.”

Vivek Srivastava, Founder and CEO, HCAH India, conveyed his enthusiasm saying, “Dr. Gaurav and Ankit represent the very essence of HCAH, and over the years, their contribution to the company has been nothing less than that of co-founders. They’ve embraced their roles with utmost dedication and have excelled at every turn. Dr. Gaurav’s remarkable leadership and Ankit’s tireless efforts in driving profitability have been game-changers for us. They have been very instrumental in HCAH’s journey so far and we truly appreciate their pivotal roles within the organization. I have every confidence that our company will flourish even further under their visionary leadership as co-founders.”

These moves bring renewed energy and visionary leadership to propel HCAH to even greater success in the years to come.