Hina Khan Raves About Lucknow: Warmth of People & Delicious Food

Hina Khan Raves About Lucknow: Warmth of People & Delicious Food

Hina Khan Raves

Mumbai, 5th June 2024: Amazon miniTV, Amazon’s free video streaming service, recently released the bromance dramedy Namacool, which has been basking in praise from audiences across that country ever since its release. Set in the bustling city of Lucknow, the series follows Mayank and Piyush, two best friends who yearn for fame as they enter their second year of college, unintentionally inviting an emotional rollercoaster as they embark on a quest to discover the true essence of manhood. Their lives spiral into a world of uncertainty, crime, and deceit when fate leads them to encounter new friends, enemies, and love interests. With numerous unexpected twists and turns, viewers will be hooked to the series from start to finish as this hilarious story unfolds.

Hina Khan, who plays Rubiya, discusses her character in the series, stating, “I play the character of Rubiya, wife of the dean. She is the eye candy for every boy in the college. Rubiya is the main mystery of the show. She does not just plot her husband’s murder but uses this young boy from the college to help her. Rubiya is a mixture of sweet and spicy, basically one of those ‘masala’ characters in the show who turns out to be the shocking mystery element.”

Furthermore, Hina also shares her experience of shooting for the series in the city of Nawabs – Lucknow, saying, “It was a lovely experience shooting in Lucknow. I absolutely loved my stay in the city! The people there were really warm, and the food was absolutely lip-smacking! I enjoyed trying out all the local delicacies that the cast and crew made me try. Overall, it was a great experience shooting there!”

Directed by Ritam Shrivastava and written by Shantanu Srivastava, this seven-episode series features a talented cast, including Hina Khan, Abhinav Sharma, Aaron Koul, Abhishek Bajaj, Anushka Kaushik, Faisal Malik, and Aadil Khan in pivotal roles. Namacool is now streaming exclusively on Amazon miniTV for free within Amazon’s shopping app, on Prime Video, Fire TV, Smart TVs, or download the app from the Play Store.