HPCL, Petromin join hands to launch16 Express Service

HPCL, Petromin join hands to launch16 Express Service

HPCL, Petromin

Bengaluru 17th October 2023: Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited (HPCL India) in partnership with Saudi Arabia-based Petromin Corporation launched its first set of 16 Express Service Centres in Bengaluru and Chennai, a first of its kind in the country. The HP Petromin Express Centres, situated within the precincts of HP petrol stations in the city, are expected to completely alter the way automobile servicing is perceived and handled in the country.

The launch was further to the collaboration signed between Petromin Corporation, a global leader in the automobile service industry and a market leader in the lubricant industry in Saudi Arabia, and lubricant market leader HPCL India during the Saudi-India Investment Forum at the G20 Summit on September 11, 2023. The collaboration was forged against the backdrop of Petromin Corporation already spearheading a technology business in Bengaluru with business partner Spare IT to build a tech-driven ecosystem in the automobile service segment.

The collaboration between the two global giants in the lubricant market comes with a strong customer advantage in terms of branding, prime location and accessibility, assured quality, reasonable pricing as well as availability of the service throughout the week. The business model conceived is expected to generate about 5000 jobs over the next few years.

Inaugurating the launch was Dr PK Joshi, Chairman and Managing Director, HPCL India along with Mr Kalyana Sivagnanam, GCEO of Petromin Corporation, Mr Sanjay Nigam, CEO, Petromin India & SE Asia, Mr Ashnut Chopra, MD, Petromin India, Mr Amit Garg, Director of Marketing, HPCL India and the Board of Directors, HPCL India.

Plans to open 1000 centres

The 16 centres currently launched are the first of 1000 HP Petromin Express Centres planned across the country over the next few years. The Express Centres will offer the walk-in customer, basic maintenance services that will be completed in a record time of 30 minutes. Facilitated by the app provided by Spare IT, these technology-based vehicle service centres will provide a value-based, unique customer experience where the quality of service will be unmatched while being comprehensive in addressing regular basic maintenance requirements.

Based on the mobile app, the customer can choose the nearest Express Centre, either walk in or seek an app-based prior appointment. On reaching, the service centre software takes over to generate the job card. While instant information arrives on the mobile on the required maintenance and estimated cost, the technical partners further ensure a smooth customer interface. An eco-wash takes a mere 12 minutes and a basic maintenance is completed in 20 minutes while the customer lounges in comfort during this short duration.

Technology-driven ecosystem

The technology-driven ecosystem also comes with its backend connect for spare parts and lubricants as it deals with all possible models and brands in the automobile industry. The moment a job card is opened, the ecosystem automatically connects to a host of spare parts suppliers who will instantly respond when a need arises for the replacement of a part. The supply of the parts is equally swift as the nearest dealer to the service centre responds on the app and the specially hired runners are entrusted with speedy delivery of the same.

Central location and easy accessibility

The easy accessibility and central location of the Express Centres in the city adds to the value, promising to revolutionise the four-wheeler vehicle servicing segment in the country. Coupled with the high-quality standards, the cost of service too will be extremely competitive, prompting customers to switch to these Express Centres. On availing the services, the app also keeps track of the history as well as the condition of the vehicle, facilitating further by initiating timely prompts for replacements or repairs, thus keeping the customer fully informed of the health the vehicle.

Speaking at the launch, Mr Kalyana Sivagnanam said, “With the launch of the 16 Express Service Centres, our partnership reiterates our strong commitment to advancing sustainable mobility solutions along with nurturing the collaboration between Saudi Arabia and India. This venture will create immense job opportunities besides giving the ground to share technology to usher in a bright future.”

Commenting on the technology-driven Express Centres and the ecosystem created, Mr Sanjay Nigam stated, “The app-based ecosystem ensures a seamless connect between the customer, spare parts suppliers and the service centres which is an unbeatable combination of quality and convenience. The Express Centres are set to totally disrupt the current status of the automotive after-market in India.”

Added Mr Ashnut Chopra, MD, Petromin India, “The Hub & Spoke model that we are offering is tailor-made to offer the best and most convenient service to the customer with easy accessibility. While the basic maintenance service is provided at our Spokes centres which are dotted across the city in the HPCL outlets, the Hub garages will conduct the light and medium repairs.”

Gearing up for next Gen

In order to fuse in the front mover advantage, the service centres have already over 200 technical partners trained to handle electric vehicles which are fast evolving as the next generation mode of personal transport. Be it certified training of ground staff, access to spare parts or having the service centre ready to handle this emerging segment, this future ecosystem too is already in place. HP Petromin Express Centres currently cater to all kinds of passenger vehicles that include four wheelers, two wheelers, autos as well as EVs.