Hyderabad Goods Transport Association Announces New Leadership for 2024-2026 Term

Hyderabad Goods Transport Association Announces New Leadership for 2024-2026 Term


Hyderabad,10th June 2024….Hyderabad Goods Transport Association (HGTA), a 53-year-old trade body of transporters announced its new team of office bearers for the year 2024-2026 in an AGM (Annual General Meeting) held at Hotel Royalton on Saturday late night.

Shri Ajay Sharma, Executive Director of Efficient Roadlines Pvt Ltd was elected as President. He will be in office for two years.

The other office bearers include Shri Vineel Parvataneni, of Navata Road Transport as Vice President; Shri Vivek Gupta of Express Roadways Pvt Ltd General Secretary; K. Raghavendra of Mangala Goods Transport as Joint Secretary; Ashok Goel of JSTC Logistics as Treasurer.

The Managing Committee Members include Rajesh Singh, Ajit Bhandari, Satyug Kejriwal, Azeem Uddin, Ravi Goel, Pratik Kumar Garg, Rahul Garg, Praveen Kumar Sharma, Ajay Pilania, Praveen Goel

Speaking on the occasion immediately after taking over, Ajay Sharma said he would work for the welfare of members and give representation to the Government from time to time on the issues faced by the industry. We will increase the number of our members in the next two years. We will get more members into our fold.

Goods Transportation is the lifeline for economic growth. Without goods transportation economic activity comes to a standstill, said Ajay Sharma.

The association will safeguard the interest & welfare of the members and coordinate to seek support from Government officials.

HGTA was established in 1971 and is the most dynamic body. Its members are Goods Transport Service Providers of Hyderabad, Telangana.

HGTA, within its brief preamble, interacts with various government agencies by way of consultations and consensus and brings about much-required amenities and reliefs to the transporters.



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