Hyderabad to host ICCA Global Summit 2027, the world’s biggest meet of Corrugated Box Manufacturers

Hyderabad to host ICCA Global Summit 2027, the world’s biggest meet of Corrugated Box Manufacturers

Hyderabad to host ICCA

Hyderabad, 8th July 2023.. The Association of Corrugated Case of Telangana (ACCT), the trade body of the corrugated packaging industry in Telangana today inaugurated its 2day Corrupack Summit-2023 at Hotel Grand Kakatiya.

The CorruPack Summit 2023 is an exhibition and conference dedicated to corrugated packaging. It brings together corrugated box manufacturers from all over India, Mr ML Agarwal, Vice-Chairman, International Corrugated Case Association addressing a press conference.

This event is also an important milestone in the history of Corrugated Box Manufacturers of Telangana because among other things that will be finalized are arrangements for the International Corrugated Summit of ICCA (International Corrugated Case Association) in Hyderabad. It is decided that Hyderabad will be the host. And it will be held in January 2027. The arrangements for the same will be fine-tuned during this Corrupack Summit, he said.

The ICCA Global Summit 2027 is the world’s biggest meeting of Corrugated Box Manufacturers. It is coming to India for the first time. It is a biennial conference where professionals from all over the world converge for the common good.

ICCA Global Summit 2027 is a unique event with 3 big events running concurrently. Besides this summit, FCBM CorruPack Summit 2027 and Corrugated Exhibition 2027 will be held simultaneously. Over 500 International and 2000 national delegates are expected to attend.

It is pertinent to point out that the ICCA Global Summit 2023 and Board meeting was held at Mountain Resort Banff, Canada last month and the city’s industrialist M L Agarwal, who is the Past President of FCBM and also Past President of FTCCI took over as Vice chairman of ICCA. He will become Chairman in 2025. This is a unique honour for FCBM and India.

Giving an overview of the industry, Mr ML Agarwal said, Corrugated packaging industry is growing at a handsome pace in India principally due to increasing demand for consumer products and also an increase in e-commerce. The expected rate of growth in corrugated packaging is well above the GDP and is projected currently at 10% per annum. This growth rate is expected to sustain for the next few years aided by strong macroeconomic conditions. The market size currently stands at 10-11 Million tons per annum.

The market size of the Indian Corrugated Industry is Rs 50,000 crore per annum.

The capacity of the industry in Telugu states is half a million tonnes. And the size is Rs 2500 crore. Telangana industry is expected growth by 15% per annum which is slightly higher than the national average, said Mr ML Agarwal

Speaking of the problems confronting the Indian corrugated packaging industry is the paper. The quality of the pager is very bad. It doesn’t have much fibre content in it. More fibre, more strength to the box he said. India is the largest importer of waste paper. Even the price of the paper is higher in India.

Followed by a press conference a Tabletop Exhibition was inaugurated by FCBM President Mr. Vineet Jain from Indore. It is an exhibition with over 20 exhibitors showcasing various products and services used for the manufacture of corrugated boxes that’s being organized that’s part of the event. Over 100 delegates from across India have registered to attend. In addition, 100 local corrugated box manufacturers are also participating.

The managing committee of FCBM (Federation of Corrugated Box Manufacturers) is also being hosted. FCBM is the premier national body taking care of the interest of corrugated box manufacturers.