IGP partners with Locus to ensure seamless Valentine’s week deliveries and create unforgettable moments

IGP partners with Locus to ensure seamless Valentine’s week deliveries and create unforgettable moments

New Delhi, 08th February 2024: Merging cutting-edge tech with the spirit of love, Locus.sh, a global logistics technology company and prominent online gifting platform IGP have united to orchestrate smooth and seamless deliveries across major Indian cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, and others.

By harnessing Locus.sh’ supply chain execution technology, IGP will streamline its last-mile delivery operations, ensure on-time and efficient fulfillment of its orders, optimize fleet management, and provide an enhanced end-customer experience. The online gifting platform will leverage an end-to-end tailored dispatch management solution to automate and optimize the process from order placement to delivery completion.

Nishith Rastogi, the CEO of Locus.sh expressed his enthusiasm about the collaboration and said “By integrating Locus.sh’s advanced logistics technology with IGP’s passion for connecting people through meaningful gifts, we are redefining what it means to deliver not just parcels, but experiences. Our focus is on precision, efficiency, and the seamless integration of technology to meet and exceed the evolving expectations of today’s consumers. Together, Locus.sh and IGP are committed to ensuring that every delivery not only reaches its destination on time but also contributes to a memorable moment. This is the future of logistics—personalized, reliable, and consistently exceeding expectations.”

The Indian market has witnessed the expansion of Valentine’s Day into a multi-million dollar industry, marked by extravagant spending on gifts and experiences to convey love. Notably, metropolitan cities are at the forefront of this trend. With this partnership, IGP is poised to meet the escalating demand and enhance the Valentine’s experience for the customers.

Echoing similar sentiments, Tarun Joshi, CEO and Founder of IGP said, “In the spirit of celebrating love on Valentine’s Day, our partnership with Locus marks a pivotal moment for IGP, as we embrace smart technology to optimize the last mile delivery orders for us. With Locus at our side, we are poised to achieve impeccable and timely deliveries, ensuring that every heartfelt expression reaches its destination promptly. IGP is not only committed to enhancing customer satisfaction through Locus’s cutting-edge technology but is also thrilled to announce the launch of 30-minute deliveries on over 250 curated products across 400+ cities in India. This strategic collaboration with Locus is a testament to our dedication in providing innovative solutions, ensuring seamless and unforgettable moments for our customers throughout Valentine’s week and beyond.”

As Locus.sh and IGP come together this season, it also sets up the stage for future innovations in the world of e-commerce and logistics ultimately benefiting the end consumers.