“In the Night” Exhibition Illuminates the SAMoCA as a Beacon of Contemporary Art in Saudi Arabia

“In the Night” Exhibition Illuminates the SAMoCA as a Beacon of Contemporary Art in Saudi Arabia

"In the Night" Exhibition Illuminates the SAMoCA as a Beacon of Contemporary Art in Saudi Arabia19th February 2024, Riyadh – In a celebration of creativity and cultural enrichment, the Museums Commission, Ministry of Culture, Saudi Arabia proudly presents the groundbreaking exhibition, “In the Night,” at the Saudi Arabia Museum of Contemporary Art (SAMoCA@Jax). This exhibition showcases the transformative power of art in interpreting the domain of the night. Artists from Saudi Arabia and the world, including from France, Morocco, Tunisia, India, Japan, Argentina Pakistan, Croatia, Australia, and the UK, take part in the exhibition with creative artworks shedding light on the mystery of the night and its intricate dimensions.

The night, often a sanctuary for artists and poets, serves as a canvas for imagination, introspection, and observation. “In the Night” invites visitors to experience over thirty local and international artists’ interpretations of the nocturnal landscape, conveyed through a diverse range of mediums including sensory experiences, large canvases, installations, sculptures, and video works. This exhibition not only underscores the rich tapestry of contemporary art but also marks a significant milestone in the cultural landscape of Saudi Arabia. The exhibition opened its doors to the public in February and will run until the end of May.

SAMoCA@Jax, the first Contemporary Art Museum in the country, recently opened its doors with the objectives to play a vital role in cultivating a vibrant contemporary art ecosystem, as well as empowering local artists. The Museum stands as a testament to the renaissance ushered in by Vision 2030 – a vision that positions Saudi Arabia as a global hub for transformative creativity. Under the guiding principles of Vision 2030 and based on the `Saudi Ministry of Culture’s strategy of promoting culture as a way of life, SAMoCA@Jax is positioned as a platform where local and international artists converge, connect, and grow. This is not just a museum; it’s the future of Contemporary Art for Saudi Arabia and the entire Arab region.

Key Points:

  • The “In the Night” Exhibition at SAMoCA@Jax offers a journey through contemporary art practices exploring the mystery and beauty of the night.
  • SAMoCA@Jax, the first Contemporary Art Museum in Saudi Arabia, represents a cultural renaissance under Vision 2030.
  • The Museums Commission, Ministry of Culture, plays a pivotal role in establishing state-of-the-art museums in alignment with international best practices.
  • SAMoCA@Jax is located in the artistic hub of Jax District in Riyadh.
  • SAMoCA@Jax aims to connect local and international artists encouraging creative transformation starting from the Kingdom to the world.
  • The event will start February 15th to 20th May, and you can book your tickets on https://dc.moc.gov.sa/home/ar/event-tickets/182/in-the-night-exhibition/

Vision 2030: Fostering an environment of creativity and artistic expression in Saudi Arabia and positioning the Kingdom as a new destination for art lovers and enthusiasts. Vision 2030 has transformed the way Saudi citizens live, work and play, with sweeping social reforms propelling the Kingdom into a new era of opportunity and prosperity. 

Ministry of Culture: Developing Saudi Arabia’s cultural economy and enriching the daily lives of citizens, residents, and visitors. Overseeing 11 sector-specific commissions, the Ministry is leading a cultural transformation to develop an abundant ecosystem that nurtures creativity, unlocks the economic potential of the sector and unleashes new and inspiring forms of expression.

Museums Commission: The Museums Commission strengthens the Kingdom’s identity, history, heritage, and culture by developing and enhancing the quality of museums.