India Exim Bank & Kala Ghoda Arts Festival join forces to celebrate a vibrant intersection of art and culture

India Exim Bank & Kala Ghoda Arts Festival join forces to celebrate a vibrant intersection of art and culture

India Exim Bank & Kala Ghoda Arts Festival join forces to celebrate a vibrant intersection of art and cultureMumbai, January 23rd, 2024:  Ms. Harsha Bangari, Managing Director, India Exim Bank and Ms. Brinda Miller, Chairperson of the Kala Ghoda Association inaugurated the 24th edition of Kala Ghoda Arts Festival at the Cross maidan, Churchgate, Mumbai on 20th January, 2024.  The theme of this year’s Kala Ghoda Arts Festival, scheduled from January 20 to 28, 2024, is ‘Udaan’ (flight), and shall showcase the rich tapestry of Indian arts and crafts while empowering rural artisans and grassroots enterprises.

Over 60 artisans, nurtured by India Exim Bank‘s decade-long commitment to cultural preservation, will take centre stage. Through capacity building, product placements, and expert marketing guidance, the Bank has empowered countless individuals to share their unique artistic visions and create sustainable livelihoods. The festival provides a platform for these talented artisans and rural entrepreneurs to showcase their creations, connect with a wider audience, and foster a vibrant community of creativity. The exhibition assumes significance as it aims to support local, home-grown artisans from various states.

Ms. Brinda Miller, Chairperson of the Kala Ghoda Association, highlighting the significance of the festival‘s theme said: “The Kala Ghoda Arts Festival is a vibrant example of what can be achieved through community collaboration. It is a festival for the people and by the people. Our theme this year is ‘Udaan’- an ode to our legacy of 24 years while designing a festival of the future. It is indicative of the gradual emergence from a period of inactivity to an era heralding positivity, change and progress. Each year, individuals and enterprises across the country come together to make this celebration possible, and this year is no different.”

Praising the role Exim Bank plays to strengthen India’s handicraft and handloom sector, Ms. Brinda Miller said, “We are glad to have India Exim Bank on board as our presenting partner as we share common values of promoting Indian arts and crafts. The collaboration will surely provide a boost to rural artisans and grassroots enterprises.”

The Managing Director of India Exim Bank, Ms. Harsha Bangari, emphasising on the Bank‘s commitment to empower creative industries said, “Creative industries are a significant source of commercial and cultural value in India. According to ADB, creative industries contribute to about 8% of India‘s employment. The creative industries generate important spillovers to various sectors of the economy, including innovation, tourism, education, and urban development. Exim Bank realise the potential of Indian traditional arts and crafts, and hence has been associated with this segment for many years across various States of India. Many of the organisations supported by the Bank have expanded in size and value through our intervention. Our commitment is further strengthened by our continued engagement with the Kala Ghoda Arts Festival. The Festival is like a melting pot of India’s art and culture. We are optimistic that the participants, especially the rural artisans, with stalls here in the festival, will not only make good earnings, but also get to engage ideas with their peers who will be present under the same umbrella for more than a week.”

The event would boost business prospects for many individual artisans as well as micro & grassroots enterprises. With the footprint of thousands of visitors, this exhibition would provide wider visibility and brand promotion for the artisans to market their products. This would give them access to direct customers and generate future sales leads, as well as understanding consumer preferences, improve industry knowledge and discover latest trends.

Kala Ghoda Arts Festival extends beyond mere exhibitions. Dance, music, theatre, literature, children’s workshops, cinema, and more will come alive across 15 iconic venues across Mumbai, celebrating the human spirit in all its diverse forms. Launched in 1998 by the Kala Ghoda Association, the Kala Ghoda Arts Festival is a testament to the enduring spirit of Mumbai’s art district. This district, teeming with museums, galleries, and creative souls, is a heritage haven. Festival proceeds fuel the Association’s ongoing restoration efforts, ensuring this artistic enclave’s legacy soars for generations.

India Exim Bank, a premier financial institution set up by an Act of Parliament with the objective of financing, facilitating, and promoting India‘s international trade. The Bank is dedicated towards preserving India’s handicrafts and other creative industries through programs like Grassroots Initiatives for Development and Marketing Advisory Services. The Bank assists artisans, master craftsmen, weavers, clusters, self-help groups, NGOs, grassroots and micro enterprises through capacity building, participation at trade fairs, exhibitions in India and sourcing overseas buyers and distributors. This holistic approach ensures the survival of traditional art forms, the sustenance of livelihoods, and the preservation of India‘s rich cultural heritage.