India’s first OEM of medium and heavy electric trucks Tresa Motors unveils the V0.2 model

India’s first OEM of medium and heavy electric trucks Tresa Motors unveils the V0.2 model

OEM of medium and heavy electric trucks

Mumbai, 12th April 2024: Tresa Motors, India’s first OEM of medium and heavy electric trucks unveils the V0.2 model. With every model release, Tresa is inching closer to its engineering, efficiency, reliability, and manufacturing targets. With V0.2, Tresa is slated to test India’s first and global industry-leading, Centralized Computing Unit, Advanced Telemetry System, 800V (peak) modular battery packs with in-house BMS, new central steering system, in-house designed DRLs, and its first version of Heat Pump (for all cooling requirements including cabin air-conditioning).

Most modern vehicles, including EVs, use multiple (sometimes 100s) ECUs to control their sub-systems. Tresa is integrating these ECUs with its zonal architecture, where its NVIDIA GPU-driven Centralized Computing Unit takes most of the load. Tresa’s CCU is designed to take the load of the majority of its control, AI, and telematics requirements. The telematics systems will stream over 500 monitoring points to the cloud for constant performance, safety, and efficiency analytics.

Tresa’s V0.2 stands out as an eco-friendly logistics solution, designed to be durable, resilient, and reliable for Indian road conditions. Perfectly suited for E-commerce transportation, it promises a sustainable and efficient alternative. Through this endeavor, Tresa embarks on a journey to offer a compelling cost advantage per mile over traditional diesel trucks, demonstrating long-term economic value.

Rohan Shravan, Founding CEO, of Tresa Motors commented, “We are excited to announce the launch of Model V0.2. Built on our `Delta-Engineering` philosophy, V0.2 is a major internal release where we get to test and monitor all of our components on the road. Our dream is to become the most efficient EV in the world, and the capability to understand power consumption at the sub-system level is the key to achieving our goal. This is also where we feel that we can optimize our heat pump and make it our key IP along with our motor and battery. “

The latest V0.2 truck features a new central steering setup and a comfortable air-suspended seat with customizable body options. This powerhouse boasts a maximum torque of 24000Nm, reaching a top speed of 120kmph. Equipped with a 300KWH battery, the V0.2 offers a quick 20-minute charge time (10-80% SOC), ensuring efficiency on the go.

Tresa Motors’ futuristic electric trucks are built on the Axial Flux Motor Platform Flux 350™, and World’s first 800V 50 kWh truly immersive self-contained battery pack module – Meg50™. The Flux 350™ motor’s design and engineering offer higher power density, improved cooling capabilities, increased efficiency, a compact size, and flexibility. The Meg50™ comes in IP69 self-contained enclosures with embedded active-liquid cooling. The Meg50™ module enables customization with various ranges depending on the payload, offering cost flexibility to the customer.