India’s VKC forays into EBOs with first ‘My VKC’ store in Chennai

India’s VKC forays into EBOs with first ‘My VKC’ store in Chennai

VKC forays into EBOs

Chennai: VKC Group, one of India’s leading footwear manufacturers, has ventured into the Exclusive Brand Outlets (EBOs) landscape with its first store in Red Hills, Chennai. The exclusive stores will be known as ‘My VKC’ across the country. The inaugural My VKC outlet was unveiled by Mr. VKC Mammed Koya, Chairman, of VKC Group.

With a deeply rooted traditional distribution network model, the company aims to pioneer a new era of accessibility and style. This significant move is aimed at fortifying the traditional model, in which its many brands are sold through multi-brand outlets, while bolstering presence in less covered areas through My VKC stores.

Commenting on the pivotal move of the company, Mr. VKC Razak, Managing Director of VKC Group, said: ‘We are extremely pleased to embark on a new journey with exclusive outlets while strengthening our traditional distribution model. This not only amplifies VKC’s longstanding commitment to quality but also signals a dynamic shift towards serving the diverse needs of the common Indian citizen.’

The first ‘My VKC’ store was launched by the ‘My VKC. My Store.’ integrated campaign led by the legend of Indian cinema, Shri. Amitabh Bachchan.

My VKC store displayed and sold all the power brands from VKC, including VKC Pride, VKC Debon, GoodSpot, EEZY, #Debongo, and Ja.May.Ka. Through ‘My VKC’ stores, the brand addressed the needs of the common man in India. The stores delivered footwear of all kinds that served the common man’s needs at Honest Prices. The store showcased a vast range of highly fashionable designs in sandals, open wear, v-straps, sports shoes, slip-ons, clogs, slides, romans, flip flops, etc. Orthocare footwear was also available at the store. “Honest Price. VKC Price” was a slogan that the company had ingrained in its audience’s hearts over nearly four decades of its existence.

‘My VKC’ store is a part of VKC’s commitment to the idea of encouraging neighborhood businesses to flourish and contribute to local economies. The company said that this was one of the reasons why the ‘My VKC’ store followed a franchise model.

VKC had always campaigned for the #ShopLocal concept. VKC was the first company in India to launch a #ShopLocal campaign nationwide during the COVID-19 pandemic to energize and rejuvenate small and medium neighbourhood shopkeepers and businesses across the country.