Innovative Agri-Robot, Krishi Yantra, unveiled and demonstrated at the Narula Institute of Technology’s Kritanj 2k23

Innovative Agri-Robot, Krishi Yantra, unveiled and demonstrated at the Narula Institute of Technology’s Kritanj 2k23

Innovative Agri-Robot

Kolkata, 12th May 2023: Narula Institute of Technology, the flagship college of JIS Group has organized the Annual Techno Management Fest Kritanj 2k23 in association with BCC&I at the Narula Campus. The Fest includes the participation of various Technical aspirants from colleges all over West Bengal which brings around a multitude of students to compete under one roof. Whether it is an innovative idea and project display, technological symposium, robotics or Coding, food fight or zorbing, we have had more than 12k participants bagging 4 lakhs pool prize participating in more than 60 events during the yester years. The event witnessed the live demonstration of an innovative Smart Device named Krishi Yantra, aiming to revolutionize the farming process in field areas developed by the engineering students of NIT. This Agri-robot is designed to automate essential tasks such as seed plantation, water, and pesticide sprinkling, as well as bug removal, making it a highly efficient solution that saves time and effort for farmers.

Krishi Yantra is the result of the relentless efforts and Ingenuity of a group of talented students from the Electrical Engineering department at NIT. Led by their mentor, Dr. Bansari Deb Majumder, the team has demonstrated exceptional dedication and a passion for transforming the agricultural sector. The students involved in this groundbreaking project are Sanmitra Biswas, Joy Halder, Hiranangshu Ghosh, and Srijon Saha: The team presented the Krishi Yantra on the grand platform of Kritanj, where industry experts, academicians, and technology enthusiasts witnessed the cutting edge advancements in various fields. Krishi Yantra incorporates state-of-the-art technology to enhance farming practices, addressing the challenges faced by farmers in West Bengal and beyond. Automating crucial farming activities, it streamlines operations, maximizes productivity, and reduces labor-intensive efforts. With its ability to perform tasks such as seed plantation, water and pesticide sprinkling, and bug removal, Krishi Yantra ensures precise and consistent results, optimizing crop yield while minimizing potential losses. Last year, the fest saw the LIVE demonstration of a novel concept of waste management for dump yards which is then a matter of grave concern in our city. The Project aimed to segregate waste materials.

The Managing Director of JIS Group, Mr. Taranjit Singh, commented “We firmly believe that the Introduction of Krishi Yantra will mark a significant turning point in the way farming is approached. This innovative device has the potential to revolutionize traditional farming methods and improve productivity in the field. The students’ relentless dedication and remarkable engineering skills are commendable, and I have no doubt that their efforts will bring about a positive change in the lives of the farmers. The NIT students have truly embodied the spirit of innovation and have created a game-changing solution that holds immense potential for the agricultural community.”