Interior design in 2024 will have a focus on individualism

Interior design in 2024 will have a focus on individualism

Kolkata, 29th January, 2024: Interior design in 2024 will have a focus on individualism.  Interior designing has now become one of the most important of the lot. People are keeping extra amounts while buying properties. It’s also a lifetime investment. Just like fashion trends, there’s also trending types for interiors.

According to a recent survey by CII, Interior design has a total of 13% share in all of the design industry distribution in India. Several houses more than 50 interior design companies with a turnover of more than 2.5 crores. Kolkata is also witnessing a huge rise in demand to cater to. Many designers from Kolkata have pointed out that the market has increased by almost 15 per cent in 2023.

One of the biggest names in Kolkata, Kutchina – has also witnessed rise in demand for kitchen design as well as home. Mr. Namit Bajoria, “The growth factors are high because designs are emerging constantly. We started as Kitchen solutions but with the demand we have also incorporated high-end interior solutions along with new theme-based kitchen solutions. People like to go for those who can provide you with kitchen solutions as well as interiors. It is for this reason we have opened its luxury kitchen studio – The Signature Studio offering a wide array of trendy, stylish, modern and yet convenient kitchen solutions for the modern homemakers.”

Echoing similar ideas, Mr. Indranil Dey, Managing Director, Irony Home Studio said, “Kolkata’s real estate sector is also booming, with numerous residential and commercial projects coming up across the city. This has further contributed to the demand for interior decoration services. Additionally, the rise of online home decor platforms and social media has influenced people’s interest in interior design, leading to a rise in the number of potential clients.”

With increased awareness in eco-friendly and sustainability, Mr Abhijit Saha, Owner – Decoflor said, “People are becoming more conscious of their environmental impact and are seeking eco-conscious materials and practices for their interiors. As for the future, the interior decoration business in Kolkata is expected to continue growing.”